Issue 2

Volume 64, June 1998

  • article

    • The Madura foot: an "innocent foot mycosis"?

      R Ten Broeke, and G Walenkamp.


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    • Ganglia of the superior tibiofibular joint: report of three cases and review of the literature.

      F De Schrijver, J P Simon, L De Smet, and G Fabry.


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    • Treatment of fracture-dislocations of the proximal interphalangeal joint with the "pins & rubbers" traction system.

      L De Smet, and G Fabry.


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    • Dural tear associated with a flexion distraction subluxation to the cervical spine without neurologic injury.

      D De Gelb, L Lenke, and J Pond.


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    • Motor dysfunction and reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Bilateral motor denervation in an experimental model.

      P Bullens, M Daemen, G Freling, P Kitslaar, F Van den Wildenberg, and H Kurvers.


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    • Clinical signs and symptoms of acute reflex sympathetic dystrophy in one hindlimb of the rat, induced by infusion of a free-radical donor.

      L van der Laan, P Kapitein, A Verhofstad, T Hendriks, and R J Goris.


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    • Objective roentgenologic measurements of the influence of ankle braces on pathologic joint mobility. A comparison of 9 braces.

      P Vaes, W Duquet, F Handelberg, P P Casteleyn, R Van Tiggelen, and P Opdecam.


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    • [Long-term results of proximal osteocartilaginous autografts in extensive cartilagenous destruction of the knee. Apropos of 5 cases]

      C Maynou, H Mestdagh, E Beltrand, E Petroff, and H Dubois.


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    • The osteogenic potential of free periosteal autografts in tibial fractures with severe soft tissue damage: an experimental study.

      P Reynders, J Becker, and P Broos.


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    • Popliteal cysts in children: a retrospective study of 62 cases.

      I De Greef, G Molenaers, and G Fabry.


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    • Unreamed intramedullary nailing of acute femoral shaft fractures using a traction device without fracture table.

      P Reynders, and P Broos.


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    • [Tennis elbow: surgical findings in 17 cases and etiopathogenetic hypothesis]

      C Quintart, M Reignier, and J M Baillon.


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    • Grip strength in tennis elbow : long-term results of operative treatment.

      L De Smet, H Van Ransbeeck, and G Fabry.


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    • Arthroscopic transglenoid suture of Bankart lesions.

      K De Mulder, H Marynissen, C Van Laere, K Lagae, and G Declercq.


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    • A comparative study of fixation techniques in the open Bankart operation using either a cannulated screw or suture-anchors.

      J Nowak, G Wintzell, A Moberg, L Wikblad, and S Larsson.


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    • Social insurance cost of standard discectomy and percutaneous nucleotomy. A retrospective study of 87 social insurance claim files of male blue collar workers.

      M Du Bois, P Donceel, and B Debbaut.


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    • Examination of the back using the Bunnell scoliometer in a Belgian school population around puberty.

      L De Wilde, F Plasschaert, H Cattoir, and D Uyttendaele.


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    • Diagnosis and treatment of joint infections in elderly patients.

      D Bettin, B Schul, and L Schwering.


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    • Histologic analysis of distraction osteogenesis in the femoral shaft of the immature rabbit.

      J Moro Robledo, V de la Varga Salto, E Guerado Parra, J De Santos de la Fuente, R Lopez Arevalo, and A Espejo Baena.


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    • [Our future means of communication]

      H Kinzinger.


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    • The future of orthopaedics on the Internet.

      J Van der Bauwhede.


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