Issue 5

Volume 71, October 2005

  • review article

    • Osteomyelitis and septic arthritis in children

      H. De Boeck


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  • current concepts review

    • First-time traumatic anterior dislocation of the shoulder in young adults : The position of the arm during immobilisation revisited

      T. De Baere, Ch. Delloye


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  • original studies

    • Surrounding soft tissue pressure during shoulder arthroscopy

      J. De Wachter, F. Van Glabbeek, R. van Riet, W. Van Leemput, K. Vermeyen, J. Somville


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    • Ganglion cysts of the wrist : A prospective study of a simple outpatient management

      R. Singhal, N. Angmo, S. Gupta, V. Kumar, A. Mehtani


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    • Relationship between dorsal ganglion cysts of the wrist and intraosseous ganglion cysts of the carpal bones.

      S. Van den Dungen, S. Marchesi, R. Ezzedine, D. Bindou, P. Lorea


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    • Do pain referral patterns determine patient outcome after total hip arthroplasty ?

      J. Street, B. Lenehan, R. Flavin , E. Beale, P. Murray


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    • Primary hip arthroplasty through a limited posterior trochanteric osteotomy

      J. Sanchez-Sotelo, J. Gipple, D. Berry, C. Rowland, R. Cofield


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    • Assessment of early migration and clinical evaluation of a cemented femoral stem

      C. Van Goethem, D. H. Pfluger


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    • Intraoperative arthrometry in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

      G. C. Keene, P. Jeer, R. Gul


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    • Pulsed electromagnetic stimulation of regenerate bone in lengthening procedures

      F. Luna Gonzalez, R. Lopez Arévalo, S. Meschian Coretti, V. Urbano Labajos, B. Delgado Rufino


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    • Prophylactic surgical correction of Crawford's type II anterolateral bowing of the tibia using Ilizarov's method

      H. El-Mowafi, M. Abulsaad, W. El-Adl


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    • Management of comminuted closed tibial plafond fractures using circular external fixators

      A. Kapukaya, M. Subasi, H. Arslan


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    • Ultrasound and colour Doppler sonography in acute osteomyelitis in children

      Q. Azam, I. Ahmad, M. Abbas, A. Syed, F. Haque


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    • Vertebral body reconstruction with injectable hydroxyapatite cement for the management of unstable thoracolumbar burst fractures : A preliminary report

      A. Christodoulou, A. Ploumis, I. Terzidis, I. Pournaras


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    • Anterior cervical interbody fusion with radiolucent carbon fiber cages : clinical and radiological results

      I. van der Haven, P. J. M. van Loon, R. H. M. A. Bartels, J. L. C. van Susante


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  • technical note

    • A simple K-wire cap

      V. Lenin Babu, P. Kumar, A. Paul


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  • case report

    • Fracture of the scapular spine in a patient with a Delta III prothesis

      Ph. Debeer, F. Robyns


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    • Isolated fracture of the coronoid proces

      L. A. Gómez Navalón, P. Zorrilla Ribot, J. A. Salido Valle


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    • Tenosynovial haemangioma of the finger

      S. Talwalkar, M. Hayton, J. Stilwell, D. Temperley, A. Freemont


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    • Management of an unusual intra- and extra-capsular subcapital femoral neck fracture

      P. Lakshmanan, J. P. Peehal


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    • Rare presentation of osteoarticular tuberculosis

      G. Kakarala, D. Rajan


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    • Unusual mechanism of Chance fracture in an adult

      M. Todkar


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