Issue 1

Volume 75, February 2009

  • annotation

    • Enhanced bone healing : Is there an alternative to autografts ?

      Johan Lammens


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  • review article

    • Is oral vitamin D a risk factor for prosthetic loosening ?

      Geert Peersman, Johan Bellemans, Tom Richart


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  • original studies

    • Complications and outcomes of functional free gracilis transfer in brachial plexus palsy

      Julie E. Adams, Michelle F. Kircher, Robert J. Spinner, Michael E. Torchia, Allen T. Bishop, Alexander Y. Shin


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    • Scapulothoracic dissociation : level of vascular insult, an indirect prognostic indicator for the final outcome ?

      Ramesh K. Sen, Ganesh Prasad, Sameer Aggarwal


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    • Restricted scapular mobility during arm abduction : Implications for impingement syndrome

      Hakan Atalar, Cengiz Yilmaz, Onur Polat, Hakan Selek, Ismail Uras, Burcu Yanik


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    • Bipolar latissimus dorsi flap transfer for reconstruction of the deltoid

      Luc De Smet


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    • Lateral compartment cartilage changes and lateral elbow pain

      Aysha Rajeev, Joseph Pooley


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    • Effect of a distal centralizer on the positioning of an anatomical stem

      Constant A. Bell, Peter Pilot, Marc van den Boogaart, Aart D. Verburg


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    • Age at follow-up and mechanical axis are good predictors of function after unicompartmental knee arthroplasty. An analysis of patients over 17 years follow-up

      Joby John, Jan H. Kuiper, Peter C. May


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    • Management of calcaneal fractures using the Ilizarov external fixator

      Ayman M. Ali, Mohamed A. Elsaied, Nabil Elmoghazy


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    • Facial features in children with idiopathic congenital talipes equinovarus

      David Chesney, Zosia Miedzbroska, Simon Barker, John Deans, Neva Haites, Nicola Maffulli


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    • Cobb procedure and Rose calcaneal osteotomy for the treatment of tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction

      Rohit T. Madhav, Rebecca J. Kampa, Dishan Singh, John C. Angel


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    • Microsurgical muscle-splitting approach for extracanalicular lumbar disc herniation : An analysis of 28 consecutive cases

      Theodossios Birbilis, Dimitrios Koulalis, Georgios Matis, Efthymia Theodoropoulou, Kleo Papaparaskeva


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    • Osteoid osteoma : CT-guided radiofrequency ablation

      Elvira Montañez-Heredia, José Serrano-Montilla, María Luisa Merino-Ruiz, Francisco Amores-Ramírez, José Villalobos-Martín


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    • The role of peri-operative cell salvage in instrumented anterior correction of thoracolumbar scoliosis : A case-controlled study

      Aun H. Mirza, Ehab Aldlyami, Chandra Bhimarasetty, Alistair G. Thompson, Jonathon Spilsbury, David S. Marks


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    • Bone morphogenetic protein signaling in the murine distraction osteogenesis model

      Johan Lammens, Zhendong Liu, Frank Luyten


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    • The effect of Bone Morphogenetic Protein-7 (OP-1) and demineralized bone matrix (DBM) in the rabbit tibial distraction model

      Johan Lammens, Jos Nijs, Evert Schepers, Nadine Ectors, Daniel Lismont, Bert Verduyckt


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    • Biphasic ceramic bone substitute mixed with autogenous bone marrow in the treatment of cavitary benign bone lesions

      Gamal El-Adl, Mohamed F. Mostafa, Ahmed Enan, Mohamed Ashraf


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    • Extracorporeal shock wave therapy in chronic calcific tendonitis of the shoulder – Is it effective ?

      Anthony Hearnden, Aravind Desai, Anand Karmegam, Mark Flannery


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    • Epidemiology of acute haematogenous osteomyelitis in children - A single unit’s experience over three different time-periods

      Deepak Shivarathre, Harvey George, Nisha Kaimal, Leroy James


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  • technical note

    • A simple technique for intra-operative radiation protection in trauma and orthopaedic procedures

      Paul Lee, Vasudev Shanbhag, Awen Iorwerth


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  • case report

    • Recurrent posttraumatic posterior dislocation of the hip A case report and review of the literature

      Ghislain F.A.E. Geurts, Derek F.P. van Deurzen, Ide C. Heyligers


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    • Axillary fossa tumours in children : rare and easily missed

      Sandeep Shewale, Roderick Duncan, Dermot Murphy, Milind Ronghe


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    • Intramuscular forearm metastasis as an initial presentation of bronchial adenocarcinoma

      Laura Ruzzini, Patrizia Rigato, Stefano Ruzzini


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    • Isolated posterior elbow dislocation in a one-year-old child : A case report

      Sherif Mouneir Isaac, Irini Danial, Amit Modi


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    • Delayed periprosthetic tuberculosis after total knee Replacement : Is conservative treatment possible ?

      Devdatta Suhas Neogi, Ashok Kumar, Chandra Shekhar Yadav, Saurabh Singh


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    • Unusual presentation of nodular fasciitis of the hand: A case report

      Juan José Sevilla, Oscar Ares-Rodriguez, Roberto Seijas, Manuel Pérez-Domínguez


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