Issue 3

Volume 76, June 2010

  • review article

    • Rheumatoid forefoot reconstruction

      Amit Amin, Nicholas Cullen, Dishan Singh


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    • Wound closure in flexion versus extension following total knee arthroplasty : A systematic review

      Toby O. Smith, Leigh Davies, Caroline B. Hing


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  • original studies

    • Acromioclavicular joint reconstruction using anchor sutures : Surgical technique and preliminary results

      Yehia Basyoni, Abd-El-Rahman A. El-Ganainy, Mazen Aboul-Saad


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    • Missed elbow fractures misdiagnosed as radial head subluxations

      Ralf Kraus, Nicole Dongowski, Gabor Szalay, Reinhard Schnettler


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    • Entrapment of the proximal sciatic nerve by the hamstring tendons

      Kari Saikku, Jarkko Vasenius, Pekka Saar



    • Acetabular labral tears following pregnancy

      Joseph F. Baker, Ciara M. McGuire, Kevin J. Mulhall



    • Arthrodiastasis and surgical containment in severe late-onset Perthes disease : An analysis of 14 patients

      Pebam Sudesh, Kamal Bali, Aditya Krishna Mootha, Mandeep Singh Dhillon, Raghav Saini



    • Bone mineral density in young Indian adults with traumatic proximal femoral fractures: A case control study

      Divesh Gulati, Sudhir Kumar, Anil Arora, Aditya Nath Aggarwal, S.K. Bhargava


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    • Misdiagnosis of occult hip fracture is more likely in patients with poor mobility and cognitive impairment

      Munier Hossain, Syed A. Akbar, Glynne Andrew


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    • Outcome after short intramedullary nail fixation of unstable proximal femoral fractures

      Graeme Holt, Perrico Nunag, Kathleen Duncan, Alberto Gregori


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    • Idiopathic anterior knee pain in the young : A prospective controlled trial

      Sunit Patil, Lisa White, Alex Jones, Anthony C. W. Hui


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    • Evaluation of treatment of late-onset tibia vara using gradual angulation translation high tibial osteotomy

      Abdel Rahman Abdel Latif Amer, Ashraf A. Khanfour


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    • Comparative gravimetric wear analysis in mobile versus fixed-bearing posterior stabilized total knee prostheses

      Hendrik P. Delport, Jos Vander Sloten, Johan Bellemans


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    • Treatment of solitary bone cysts with allogenic bone graft and platelet-rich plasma. A preliminary report

      Piotr Pe?dzisz, Marcin Zgoda, Hanna Kocon, Grzegorz Benke, Andrzej Górecki


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    • Effect of combined administration of Transforming Growth Factor-b1 and Insulin-like Growth Factor I on the mechanical properties of a patellar tendon defect model in rabbits

      Dimitrios N. Lyras, Konstantinos Kazakos, Dionysios Verettas, Efstathios Chronopoulos, Semiu Folaranmi, George Agrogiannis


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    • Qualitative analysis of Substance P, NK1-receptor and nerve ingrowth in Substance P-treated ruptured rat Achilles tendon

      Adelheid Steyaert, Peter Burssens, Ramses Forsyth, Guy Vanderstraeten


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    • A high prevalence of Dupuytren’s disease in Flanders

      Ilse Degreef, Luc De Smet


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  • technical note

    • Subungual glomus tumours: A technical tip towards diagnosis on plain radiographs

      Lore Vandenberghe, Luc De Smet


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    • Reconstruction of the medial patellofemoral ligament for patellar instability using an autologous gracilis tendon graft

      Chul Ki Goorens, Hisco Robijn, Bart Hendrickx, Hendrik Delport, Kris De Mulder, Johan Hens


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  • case report

    • Non-traumatic avulsion of the greater trochanter : A case report

      Mohamed El Hachmi, Damien Desmette, Jean-Paul Forthomme


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    • Navicular stress fracture in high-performing twin brothers : A case report

      Ann-Sofie Van Meensel, Koen Peers


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    • Ankylosing spondylitis : inadvertent application of a rigid collar after cervical fracture, leading to neurological complications and death

      Andrew Clarke, Stuart James, Sashin Ahuja


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    • Recurrent chordoma of the L2 vertebra : A case report

      Steven Heylen, Jozef Michielsen, Geert Mahieu, Johan Somville


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  • in memoriam

    • In Memoriam

      Jean Cauchoix (1912-2009)


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