Advancement of the Vastus Lateralis muscle for irreparable hip abductor tears : Clinical and morphological results

Published online: Jun 27 2012

Michael Betz, Patrick O. Zingg, Christian W. Pfirrmann, Claudio Dora

From the Balgrist University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland


Outcome after advancement of the vastus lateralis muscle for irreparable disruption of the hip abductor mechanism was evaluated in 9 patients. Seven to 10 cm defects were bridged without complications. After a mean follow-up of 33 months (range : 12-60 months), the majority of patients reported a 69% satisfaction and a reduction of both pain medication and gait assists. Six out of 9 patients would undergo the same treatment again and one was undecided. On physical examination hip function was significantly improved but still poor. A significant loss of quadriceps muscle strength was the only donor site morbidity encountered. Overall, very modest but relevant improvement of hip function can be achieved with this procedure without relevant donor site morbidity and complications.