The role of edmonton frailty scale and asa grade in the assessment of morbidity and mortality after fracture neck of femur in elderly


Frailty Index ; ASA grade ; Morbidity ; Mortality ; Functional Outcomes.

Published online: Nov 03 2019

Aysha Rajeev , Joseph Anto

From the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead Health Foundation NHS Trust, UK


Frailty is a complex syndrome which affects the energy, physical ability, cognition and general health. Hip fractures are associated with causes and consequences of frailty such as osteoporosis, frequent falls, low body mass index, multiple medications and cognitive impairment. The aim of our study is to assess the value of ASA grade and Edmonton frailty score in the outcome of treatment of fracture neck of femurs in elderly patients.

192 patients admitted with fracture neck of femur were included in the study. The mean age was 79.23 years .120 patients had ASA grade 3, 56 patients had ASA grade 2 and 16 patients had ASA grade 1.The frailty index was calculated using Edmonton scoring index. Ninety four patients (49%) had low frailty score and 88 patients (51%) had a high frailty score of more than 10.All patients were followed up 4 weeks and one year after the surgery.

In conclusion the patients with frailty scores and ASA grade have got more chance of developing wound infection. They also have got higher incidence of mortality and morbidity following fracture neck of femur.