Issue 3

Volume 85, September 2019

  • Review

    • What have animals taught us about total joint arthroplasty ? A review of the literature

      Garwin Chin , Dattesh R. Dave , Sean T. Campbell


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  • Original studies

    • Interbody fusion versus posterolateral fusion in treatment of low grade lytic spondylolisthesis

      Saad Gad Abdelkader , Hany Nabil El Zahlawy , Tameem Mohamed Elkhateeb


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    • Reverse shoulder arthroplasty for patients with glenohumeral osteoarthritis secondary to glenoid dysplasia

      Eduard Alentorn -Geli , Nathan R. Wanderman , Andrew T. Assenmacher , Robert H. Cofield , Joaquín Sanchez -Sotelo , John W. Sperling


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    • Conservative treatment for clavicle stress fractures following the clavicular hook plate fixation

      Xuetao Xie , Yuqi Dong , Lei Wang , Zhiquan An , Wei Zhang , Congfeng Luo


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    • The impact of upright radiographs of midshaft clavicle fractures on treatment recommendations

      Amir Herman , Rebecca Whitesell , Rena L Stewart , Jason A Lowe


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    • Patient specific instrumentation for corrective osteotomy in case of posttraumatic cubitus varus in children

      Nicolas F. Barbier , Solange De Wouters , Sidi Yaya Traore , Khanh Tran Duy , Pierre-Louis Docquier


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    • A comparative study of three different surgical methods for both-forearm-bone fractures in adults

      Sang Ki Lee , Yong Ho Kim , Su Min Kim , Won Sik Choy


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    • Comparison of corticosteroid injection and ozone injection for relief of pain in chronic lateral epicondylitis

      Gökhan Ragip Ulusoy , Ali Bilge , Ömür Öztürk


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    • Salvage revision arthroplasty after failed TMC joint prosthesis

      Katrien Cootjans , Peter Dreessen , Danny Vandenberghe , Nele Verhoeven


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    • Safe zones in volar portals for wrist arthroscopy, evaluation of central portal : a cadaveric study

      Georgios Antonoglou , Georgios Paraskevas , Panagiotis Kanavaros , Aristeidis Vrettakos , Alexandra Barbouti , Panagiotis Kitsoulis


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    • Asymmetry and pelvic movements 6 months after total hip replacement Secondary analyses from a randomized controlled trial

      Lone R. Mikkelsen , Annemette K. Petersen , Kjeld Søballe , Søren S. Mikkelsen , Inger Mechlenburg


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    • The role of edmonton frailty scale and asa grade in the assessment of morbidity and mortality after fracture neck of femur in elderly

      Aysha Rajeev , Joseph Anto


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    • Porous titanium revision shells permit early weight-bearing and rapid rehabilitation in revision hip surgery

      Fiachra E. Rowan , Joseph M. Queally , Gloria Avalos , John Newell , Derek M. Bennett


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    • Anterior-medial collateral ligament portal : easy access to the torn posteromedial horn of the medial meniscus

      Guman Duan , Yingzhen Niu , Jinghui Niu , Fei Wang , Yao Li , Pengkai Cao


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    • Single dose Intravenous Tranexamic acid may not be adequate to reduce blood loss and blood transfusion requirement in patients undergoing single stage bilateral total knee arthroplasty

      Somnath Mukherjee , Sujit Kumar Tripathy , Rituparna Maiti , Chandrakanta Nayak , Barada P. Samal , Bhaskar Rao , Aparajita Panda


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    • Hamstring injury prevention in Belgian and English elite football teams

      Glenn Van Crombrugge , Bernard M. F. M. Duvivier , Kris Van Crombrugge , Johan Bellemans , Koen Peers


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    • Clinical study of the novel FlexitSystem implant for high tibial open wedge osteotomy

      Nienke Van Egmond , Sebastiaan A.W. Van De Groes , Albert Van Kampen


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    • Suture anchors for primary deltoid ligament repair associated with acute ankle fractures

      Jian-Jian Shen , Yi-Bin Gao , Jie-Feng Huang , Qing-Mi Qiu , Li Cheng , Song-Lin Tong


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