Blade expandable intramedullary nails for fixation of tibial shaft fractures


Tibial fractures ; intramedullary nail ; blade expandable nail.

Published online: Dec 31 2019

Teoman Basaran, Murat Calbiyik, P?nar Özge Basaran, Ercan Hassa, Deniz Ipek

From the Hitit University Corum Hospital, Corum, Turkey


This study is aimed to compare the clinical and radiological differences between classic locked intra- medullary nailing ( LIN) and blade expandable intra- medullary nailing (BEIN) at tibia shaft fractures. Operation time, exposing of radiation time and fracture healing times were recorded. Pain visual anolog scale (VAS), shortening of tibia and angulation of fracture line were compared. All patients healed. In LIN group operation time, exposing of radiation time was longer (statistically significant). Because of shorter operation time and lower radiation exposure we recommend the BEIN technique as a preferable technique in tibia intramedullary nailing.