Issue 4

Volume 85, December 2019

  • Original studies

    • Factors associated with degeneration of rotator cuff tendon : a histological study in patients with rotator cuff tear

      Chris H. Jo , Yong Jun Lee , Young Gil Lee , Jae Min Lee , Ji Eun Kim


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    • Manipulation under anesthesia for frozen shoulders : a retrospective cohort study

      Tim Kraal, Oetz Van der Meer, Maaike Van den Borne, Koen Koenraadt, Denise Eygendaal, Ronald Boer


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    • Acute acromioclavicular joint dislocation treated with tightrope : Mini-open versus percutaneous stabilization

      Di Lu, Te Wang, Jian-Jun Hong, Hua Chen, Liao-Jun Sun


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    • Intramedullary nailing of dislocated midshaft clavicle fractures with the Rockwood Clavicle Pin, a retrospective study

      Björn Nordenstedt, Johan von Heideken, Helena Boström Windhamre, Maria Stauffer, Anders Ekelund


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    • The Accessory muscles of the Axilla

      Verhaegen F., Debeer P., Moyaert M.


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    • Dual plate for comminuted proximal humerus fractures

      Sungwook Choi, Kyu-Bum Seo, Yong Suk Kwon, Hyunseong Kang, Changhee Cho, Joseph Y. Rho


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    • Reconstruction of complex radial head fractures using fine-threaded K-wires : clinical outcome and remaining instability

      Hopf J.C., Rommens P.M., Dietz S.O., Müller L.P., Krieglstein C.F., Koslowsky T.C.


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    • Headless compression screw fixation for type 2 and 3 articular surface fractures of the distal humerus using transolecranon approach

      Sang Ki Lee , Sang Wook Jeung , Young Sub Chun , Won Sik Choy


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    • Surgical treatment of partial and full distal biceps tendon ruptures

      Cedric Robbrecht , Saartje Defoort , Christophe De Decker , Dirk Petré


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    • Results of ulnar shortening osteotomy in patients with ulnar wrist pain. A retrospective study

      Jonas Declerq, Wim Vanhove, Szabolcs Benis, Nadine Hollevoet


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    • Blade expandable intramedullary nails for fixation of tibial shaft fractures

      Teoman Basaran, Murat Calbiyik, P?nar Özge Basaran, Ercan Hassa, Deniz Ipek


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    • What is the reason of the high fibular head in the Discoid Lateral Meniscus?

      Sang Hak Lee , Eunsun Oh , Sang-Hee Choi , Seong Hwan Kim


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    • Tranexamic acid in total knee replacement which protocol? which application form? A prospective randomised study

      ?smail Gökhan ?ahin, Yavuz Akalin, Nazan Çevik, Ali Otuzbir, Yüksel Özkan, Alpaslan Öztürk


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    • Joint Space Width, but not Osteophyte Thickness, is a Reliable Indicator of Degeneration of Lateral Knee Joint Cartilage

      Kazu Matsumoto, Daichi Ishimaru, Hiroyasu Ogawa, Haruhiko Akiyama


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    • How much does saving femoral head cost after acetabular fracture? Comparison between ORIF and THA

      Alessandro Aprato, Cristina Ghia, Ferdinando Tosto, Luigi Sabatini, Alessandro Bistolfi, Alessandro Masse


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    • Isolated iliac wing fractures : are they really that benign?

      Erik Hermans, Michael Edwards, Jan Biert


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    • Clinical results and complications of a two-stage procedure in hip infection using preformed antibiotic-loaded cement spacers

      Ester Garcia-Oltra, Sebastian Garcia, Jordi Bosch, Andreu Combalia, Alex Soriano, Guillem Bori


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    • Results of “Trochanteric Femoral Nailing (TFN)” in comminuted unstable trochanteric fractures

      S. Mandal, U. Banerjee, A.S. Mukherjee, P. Saha, S. Mandal, S. Kundu


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    • Incidence of hypothermia and factors affecting variation in core body temperature in patients undergoing arthroscopic surgery of the hip

      Tanmay Sanjay Suri, Anand Sardesai, Andrea Volpin, Graciela Muniz -Terrera, Vikas Khanduja


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    • Cup oversizing as a risk factor for postoperative groin pain in Total Hip Arthroplasty : a retrospective analysis of 437 hips

      Vanderstappen Jan, Molenaers Ben, Moyaert Maximiliaan, Simon Jean-Pierre, Molenaers Guy


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    • Combined open reduction and Dega transiliac osteotomy for developmental dysplasia of the hip in walking children

      Mazen M. Ibrahim, Mohamed R. S. El -Lakkany, Mohamed M. Wahba, Abd-Elrahman A. El -Ganainy, Ayman M. A. Aly


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