Nocardia Farcinica infection of a reversed shoulder prosthesis : case report and review


shoulder prosthesis ; infection ; Nocardia farcinica

Published online: Jan 08 2021

Sofie Mylle, Toon Mylle, Johan Mylle

From the University of Gent, Ghent


We present a case of Nocardia farcinica after placement of reverse shoulder prosthesis in a 73-year-old woman. One month after surgery, the patient was admitted to the hospital with a spontaneous drainage of the wound and complaints of aggravating pain in the operated shoulder. There was no history of an immunosuppressive disease or therapy. After cultivation and empiric therapy with flucloxacillin, Nocardia farcinica was found and treated with a combination of intravenous amikacin and ceftriaxone. Eight days after drainage, a rinse and replacement of the polyethylene cup and glenosphere was executed.

The treatment was proven to be successful whereas X-ray scans showed no complications nor any other consequences up until five years after therapy. To our knowledge, this is the first shoulder prosthetic Nocardia infection published in English literature. The aim of this report is to review/gather the knowledge about this particular infection and inform health care providers about this uncommon case.