Issue 2

Volume 86, June 2020

  • Original studies

    • A demographic study of acute injuries in basketball players

      Charlotte Schepens, Luc Vanden Bossche, Adelheid Steyaert, Lieven De Wilde, Ann Cools, Alexander Van Tongel


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    • Vitamin D, calcium and albumin bloodserum levels in Belgian orthopedic patients – is systematic screening justified?

      Robin Tjeenk Willink , Bernadette Devos , Bart Vundelinckx , Jo De Schepper , Jan Vanderstappen , Kris De Mulder


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    • Bilateral posterior fracture dislocation of the shoulders : review of case reports and treatment

      Jan Wouter Huizing, Pieter E Monteban


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    • Shoulder arthroplasty for glenohumeral osteoarthritis: results from a comprehensive survey in Belgium and the Netherlands

      P.C. Geervliet , M.P. Somford, J.N. Doornberg, O. Verborgt, L.F. De Wilde, M.P.J. van den Bekerom, D.F.P. van Deurzen


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    • Forestier’s syndrome : a rare cause of dysphagia. A case report and review of the literature

      Jean Legaye


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    • Treatment of distal radius fractures with palmar plates and locking screws. Comparisson of two different types of plate

      Jonas Declerq, Szabolcs Benis, Wim Vanhove, Nadine Hollevoet


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    • Trapeziectomy with ligament reconstruction and tendon interposition arthroplasty in a male cohort : a retrospective study

      Liselore Maeckelbergh, Kira Vandevoorde, Maarten van Nuffel, Ilse Degreef, Luc de Smet


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    • The addition of an anti-rotation screw to the dynamic hip screw

      Stijn Voeten, Jaap Deunk, Jefrey Vermeulen, Elly De Lange-De Klerk, Han van den Brand, Wietse Zuidema


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    • Good midterm results after Birmingham hip resurfacing and total hip arthroplasty

      Luc Vanlommel, Peter Mertens, Karl Brabants


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    • Delayed total hip arthroplasty infection with Mycobacterium Tuberculosis complex

      Hervé Poilvache, Maïté Van Cauter, Julien Coquay, Hector Rodriguez -Villalobos, Jean-Cyr Yombi, Olivier Cornu


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    • Trends in the utilisation rates and acute hospital capacity needs for total hip replacements: results of an analysis of administrative data

      Nicolas Bouckaert, Koen Van Den Heede, Carine Van De Voorde


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    • Etiology of knee pain in elite cyclists: A 14-month consecutive case series

      Anton Borgers, Steven Claes, Nathalie Vanbeek, Toon Claes


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    • Mucoid degeneration of the anterior cruciate ligament. Complete resection as equivalent treatment to partial resection

      Nicolas Himpe, Pieter Berger, Hilde Vandenneucker


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    • Valgus stress radiography following superficial medial collateral ligament reconstruction using a modified LaPrade technique with adjustable loop femoral fixation

      Aad Dhollander, Michael Sellan, Andrew Daniel Firth, Alan Getgood


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    • A prospective comparative study between a cooling device and manual cooling after total knee arthroplasty

      Anton Borgers, Kris Cuppens, Paul Janssen, Erik Vanlommel


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    • An evaluation of the influence of force- and weight bearing (a)symmetry on patient reported outcomes after total knee arthroplasty

      Stefaan Van Onsem, Matthias Verstraete, Bert Zwaenepoel, Sebastiaan Dhont, Catherine Van der Straeten, Jan Victor


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    • Dislocation of modern design rotating hinge total knee arthroplasty : case series and narrative review

      Nikolai Kornilov, Frank-Christiaan Wagenaar, Taras Kuliaba, Samy Ftaïta, Emmanuel Thienpont


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    • Can infection be predicted after intramedullary nailing of tibial shaft fractures?

      Julie Manon, Christine Detrembleur, Simon Van De Veyver, Karim Tribak, Olivier Cornu, Dan Putineanu


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    • Health care and productivity costs for isolated tibia shaft fracture admissions in The Netherlands

      Mandala S. Leliveld, Suzanne Polinder, Martien J.M. Panneman, Michael H.J. Verhofstad, Esther M.M. van Lieshout


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    • Surgical treatment of lateral ankle instability. Does allograft tendon have a better functional result?

      Louis Gossing, Christine Detrembleur, Thierry Puttemans, Dan Putineanu, Laurent Clairbois, Serge Ayong


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    • The challenge of the infected pilon tibial non-union: treatment with radical resection, bone transport and ankle arthrodesis

      Annelien Brauns, Johan Lammens


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    • Spontaneous swelling of the ankle in a child : a difficult diagnosis

      Jonas Declerq , Andreas Dobbelaere , Nick Baelde , Thomas De Bo


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  • Case reports

    • Nocardia Farcinica infection of a reversed shoulder prosthesis : case report and review

      Sofie Mylle, Toon Mylle, Johan Mylle


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    • Prosthetic joint infection due to Mycobacterium bovis 5-years after BCG-instillations

      Wouter Goedertier, Wouter Sioen


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