Issue 3

Volume 87, September 2021

  • Original studies

    • Morbid obesity is not a contraindication to lower limb arthroplasty

      Martin Sharrock, Ashwani Nugur, Saqif Hossain


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    • Long-term outcome of cementless total hip arthroplasty with threaded Tropic® acetabular cup and Corail® femoral stem

      Fernando Almeida, Silvia Gállego, Francisco Argüelles, Antonio Silvestre


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    • Concomitant ipsilateral acetabular and femoral fractures - an appraisal of outcomes and complications in 34 patients

      Umesh Kumar Meena, Mahesh Chand Bansal, Prateek Behera, Divyanshu Goyal, Rakesh Kumar


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    • One sacroiliac screw for posterior ring fixation in unstable pelvic fractures

      Hossam Hosny, Mohamed Ali Mohamed, Moustafa Elsayed, Ashraf Marzouk, Wael Salama


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    • Total hip replacements following acetabular fractures. 7 to 15 years clinical and radiological results

      Mohamed S. Kassem, Mostafa A. Elsayed


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    • Digital templating in total hip arthroplasty using contralateral healthy hip results in decreased accuracy

      Ittai Shichman, Or Shaked, Samuel Morgan, Simon Garceau, Nimrod Snir, Yaniv Warschawski


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    • Evolution of head-shaft angle and neck-shaft angle in childhood

      Pieter Van Geel, Wilfried Cools, Armand Laumen


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    • Femoral bone growth after extendible endoprosthetic replacement of the proximal tibia in skeletally immature patients

      Oluwaseyi Kayode Idowu, Oladimeji Ranti Babalola, Adesegun Tibramiyu Abudu


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    • A case of an atraumatic implant failure after primary rotating-hinge total knee arthroplasty

      Lucas Petitqueux, Karen Verhulst, Jan Dauwe, Dirk Dauwe


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    • The role of joint line position and restoration of posterior condylar offset in revision total knee arthroplasty : a systematic review of 422 revision knees arthroplasty

      Hany Elbardesy, André McLeod, Rehan Gul, James Harty


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    • Lower total blood loss in total knee arthroplasty with a low-pressure tourniquet than without

      Simon Joufflineau, Emmanuel Thienpont


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    • Outcomes of total knee replacement with the use of a NexGen MIS Tibial Component (Mini-keel) : a systematic review

      Naoki Nakano, Kiyonori Mizuno, Koji Takayama, Shinya Hayashi, Ryosuke Kuroda, Tomoyuki Matsumoto


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    • Tranexamic acid use in simultaneous bilateral total knee arthroplasty : a comparison of intravenous and intra-articular applications, which is more effective?

      Alpaslan Öztürk, Yavuz Akalin, Nazan Çevik, Özgür Avcı, Oğuz Çetin, Harun Sağlicak


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    • Comparison of functional outcome of simultaneous and staged bilateral total knee arthroplasty : systematic review of literature

      Irfan Qadir, Latif Khan, Jahanzeb Mazari, Umair Ahmed, Atiq uz Zaman, Amer Aziz


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    • Secondary radial neuropathy after closed intramedullary nailing of humeral shaft fractures. Results over a 10-year period

      Anton Ulstrup


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    • Fracture patterns in midshaft clavicle fractures

      Alexander Van Tongel, Lieven De Wilde, Yasunori Shimamura, Jan Sijbers, Toon Huysmans


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    • A novel treatment for prevention of post-traumatic elbow stiffness using onaBotulinum toxin type A: a prospective placebo controlled randomized trial

      Henrik C. Bäcker, Christina E. Freibott, Eric Swart, Carsten Perka, Charles M. Jobin, Melvin P. Rosenwasser


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    • Palmar plating of distal radius fractures : 3-year follow-up with titanium and PEEK plates give similar outcomes

      Josephine Berger-Groch, Ann-Christin Stodtmeister, Jan P. Petersen, Michael Hoffmann


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    • Thrombosis of persistent median artery as a cause of carpal tunnel syndrome : case report

      S. Arnauw, G. De Wachter


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    • Results of treatment of osteoarthritis of the scaphotrapeziotrapezoidal joint with tendon allograft interposition

      Annelies Eeckhoudt, Nadine Hollevoet


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    • Metacarpal chondrosarcoma, from negligence to rareness : a case report and review of the literature

      Pauline Ollero, Sophie Vanden Dungen, Katerina Cermak, Louis Kinnen


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    • Reduction of radiation exposure in scoliosis monitoring using flat detector and pulsed fluoroscopy technology

      Christian Walter, Juergen F. Schaefer, Ilias Tsiflikas


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    • Gram stain microscopy in septic arthritis

      Karam Al-Tawil, Frederick Quiney, Louis Pirkis, Nicholas Birkett, Aaron Rooney


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    • Economic advantage of ‘self-made’ antibiotic-loaded spacer compared to prefabricated antibiotic-loaded spacer and spacer molds in two-staged revision arthroplasty

      K. Moerenhout, S. Steinmetz, M. Vautrin, S. Picarra, G. Udin, O. Borens


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    • The alpha defensin lateral flow test is effective in predicting eradication of periprosthetic joint infection after surgical debridement

      Lucy C. Walker, Nick D. Clement, Munawar Hashmi, Stephen Green, Lee Longstaff, David J. Deehan


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    • Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the trauma and orthopaedic department at level one Major Trauma Centre in the republic of Ireland

      Hany Elbardesy, Eoghan Meagher, Shane Guerin


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