Issue 4

Volume 87, December 2021

  • Editorial

    • Plagiarism : j'accuse…!

      Luc De Smet


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  • Original studies

    • The role of serum D-dimer in the diagnosis of periprosthetic joint infection and timing of reimplantation

      Erdem Sahin, Bedri Karaismailoglu, Mahmut Kursat Ozsahin, Huseyin Botanlioglu, Gokhan Kaynak


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    • Only limited correlations between patient-reported outcomes and objectively monitored physical activity 10-years after THA

      Jetse Jelsma, Sander Van Kuijk, Ivo Buil, Ide Heyligers, Bernd Grimm, Martijn Schotanus


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    • Risk analysis of restrictive factors for fast-track hip arthroplasty - a retrospective study of 1138 patients

      Florian Radetzki, Tina Körber, David Wohlrab, Karl Stefan Delank


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    • Length of hospital stay following hip fracture and risk of 30 and 90 day mortality in a United Kingdom cohort

      Hassaan Q. Sheikh, Amro Alnahhal, Adeel Aqil, Fahad S. Hossain


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    • Ultra-short cementless anatomical stem for intracapsular femoral neck fractures in patients younger than 60 years

      Marian Melisik, Maros Hrubina, Matej Daniel, Zoltan Cibula, Marek Rovnak, Libor Necas


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    • Minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis without floating segment fixation for segmental fracture of femur

      Surasak Jitprapaikulsarn, Arthit Gromprasit, Chawanan Patamamongkonchai, Witoon Thremthakanpon


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    • Outcomes of acute fix and replace in complex hip posterior fracture dislocations with acetabular fractures : a minimum of 3 years follow-up

      Veenesh Selvaratnam, Sunil Panchani, Henry Wynn Jones, Amol Chitre, Anthony Clayson, Nikhil Shah


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    • Ganz osteotomy for treatment of hip dysplasia through intra-pelvic approach. Early results

      Ahmed M. Saied, Bassam Abouelnas, Wael El-Adl, Rene Verdonk, Khaled Zaghloul


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    • Superior clinical results and higher satisfaction after customized compared with conventional TKA

      Alexander Zeh, Valentina Gehler, Natalia Gutteck, Johannes Beckmann, Richard Brill, David Wohlrab


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    • Extra-articular tibial deformity management in total knee replacement

      Sanjeev Agarwal, Sarah Choi, Rakesh Kumar, Rhidian Morgan-Jonnes


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    • Medial pivot versus (cam post) posterior stabilised total knee arthroplasty, systematic review and meta-analysis of 3837 knees

      Hany Elbardesy, Hazem M Salamah, André McLeod, Pawan Kumar Thada, Eman Reda Mohammed, Fatima Alzhra Hanifa, Mostafa Roshdy, Shane Guerin


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    • Metal wear debris generation in primary total knee arthroplasty: is it an issue?

      Jonas Kellens, Pieter Berger, Hilde Vandenneucker


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    • Should tranexamic acid be used for 3 days after total knee replacement? A randomized study in 250 patients

      Nilen Shah, Vatsal Khetan, Hari Sivanadan


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    • Platelet-rich plasma vs platelet-rich plasma plus hyaluronic acid for haemophilic knee arthropathy treatment

      María Eulalia Landro, Carla Daffunchio, Guillermo Cambiaggi, Gustavo Galatro, Horacio Caviglia


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    • Associations between biomarkers and histological assessment in individual animals in a destabilization of the medial meniscus (DMM) model of osteoarthritis (OA)

      Seon Young Choi, Jiheon Rhim, Woo-Jung Han, Hyunjin Park, Jin-Wook Noh, Jungwon Han, Chul-Won Ha


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    • Tenosynovial giant cell tumor of the pes anserinus bursa with secondary involvement of a reconstructed autologous anterior cruciate ligament – A case report

      Loïc Van Oost, Friedl Sinnaeve


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    • Intra-articular injection of Platelet rich plasma versus Hyaluronic acid for moderate knee osteoarthritis. A prospective, double-blind randomized controlled trial on 189 patients with follow-up for three years

      Medhat Sdeek, Dina Sabry, Hisham El-Sdeek, Ahmed Darweash


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    • The effects of preoperative neuromuscular electrical stimulation on the postoperative quadriceps muscle strength and functional status in patients with fast-track total knee arthroplasty

      Raziye Şavkin, Nihal Büker, Harun R. Güngör


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    • Treatment of open and comminuted mid-distal tibial fractures by bilateral external fixation combined with limited-internal fixation

      Hongsuo Liang, Lin Li, Jingye Yang, Yongjun Du, Wuxun Peng


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    • Morel-Lavallée lesion associated with atypical skin damage: a case report

      Matteo Luisetto, Anaïs Legrand, Emile Vandromme, Sofiane Boulares, Olivier Delahaut


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    • The mangled extremity: assessment, decision making and outcomes

      Martin Sharrock


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    • Safe zone for minimally invasive calcaneal osteotomy: an MRI study

      Vasantha Kumar Ramsingh, George Hourston, Sriram Srinivasan, Suresh Annamalai


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    • The effectiveness of a Botulinum Toxin A infiltration in the management of bicipital cramps after arthroscopic biceps tenotomy

      Marieke Torrekens, Bert Vanmierlo, Tom Van Isacker


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    • Scaphoidectomy and 4-corner arthrodesis with headless compression screws: results, complications and their treatment

      Kira Vande Voorde, Pieter Caekebeke, Joris Duerinckx


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    • Results of treatment of trapeziometacarpal osteoarthritis with trapeziectomy and tendon allograft interposition

      Nadine Hollevoet, Camille Thys, Lieselot Vekens, Szabolcs Benis, Wim Vanhove


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    • Isthmic spondylolisthesis treated with circumferential arthrodesis (ALIF and posterior fixation): correction, fusion and indirect decompression

      M. Khalifé, C. Dauzac, T. Lenoir, B. Magrino


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    • Dynesys® dynamic stabilization outcomes in degenerative spine surgery

      Marc Khalifé, Flore Devriese, Emmanuelle Ferrero, Frédéric Zadegan, Laure Ajavon, Christian Mazel


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