Are running stitches needed in DT4 Single Anteromedial Bundle Biological Augmentation transplant preparation?


DT4 SAMBBA; ACL transplant; running stitches; iterative rupture; scores

Published online: Aug 23 2022

Maxime Huard, Louis Hustin, Christine Detrembleur, Romain Letartre

From the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Hôpital privé La Louvière Ramsay Santé, Lille, France


Partial running whipstitches are commonly used in DT4 SAMBBA (Single Anteromedial Bundle Biological Augmentation) transplant preparation. We wanted to determine whether or not running whipstitches all over the graft affected the risk of iterative rupture and the overall outcome of the procedure. Two groups of 32 patients comparable in terms of sex, age, sport level and type of sport practiced were recruited in this prospective cohort study. DT4 SAMBBA was performed for all patients by a single surgeon. One cohort was treated with a full length running whipstitches during SAMBBA DT4 transplant preparation (F), the other had a classical SAMBBA DT4 graft preparation (NO F). The ACL RSI, subjective IKDC and KOOS scores were established preoperatively and with a 4 years follow-up. Complication rates (iterative rupture, cyclops syndrome) as well as pre and postoperative score variations were calculated.

No statistically significant difference in terms of frequency of iterative rupture or complications could be demonstrated (NO F 9.3% vs F 3.1%, p = 0.61). There was no difference either on score variations compared pre and post operatively. Full running whipstitches of the DT4 SAMBBA transplant does not seem to influence the ligamentoplasty outcomes with a 4 years follow-up.