Issue 2

Volume 88, June 2022

  • Original studies

    • Is the level of vitamin D deficiency correlated with the severity and bilaterality in slipped capital femoral epiphysis? A case series study

      Shady Elbeshry, Tarek Hassan Abdelaziz, Ahmad Saeed Aly, Shady Mahmoud


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    • Long-term outcome of extraarticular subtalar arthrodesis in children with cerebral palsy using modified Grice technique

      Jiri Jochymek, Tereza Peterkova


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    • Assessment of early Achilles tenotomy in the newborn idiopathic pes equinovarus

      Ersin Mutlu, Mehmet Kaymakoglu, Zirvecan Gunes, Guney Yilmaz, Cemalettin Aksoy


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    • Reliability of radiological measurements and treatment recommendations of displaced paediatric humeral medial epicondyle fractures

      Christoph Arneitz, Christoph Castellani, Sebastian Tschauner, Johannes Schalamon, Georg Singer, Holger Till


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    • Pediatric distal humeral supracondylar fracture – achievement of optimal pinning configuration

      Han Hong Chong, Assad Qureshi


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    • Quantitative gait analysis in children with osteogenesis imperfecta: relationship between gait deviations and clinical features

      Solange De Wouters, Christine Detrembleur, Anne Durnez, Philippe Mahaudens, Brice Henry, Jean Schrooyen, Pierre-Louis Docquier


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    • Open reduction in treatment of neglected elbow dislocation in children

      Ahmed El Mouloua, El Mouhtadi Aghoutane, Amine El Khassoui, Tarik Salama, Redouane El Fezzazi


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    • The management of orthopedic trauma surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey

      Ortac Guran, Ramadan Ozmanevra, Mehmet Kuyumcu, Abdulaziz Cakmakci, Tayfun Aman


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    • The effect of transitional vertebrae and spina bifida occulta on disc herniation, disc degeneration, and end-plate changes in pediatric patients with low back pain

      Ozge Gulsum Illeez, Fatma Esra Bahadir Ulger, Ilknur Aktas


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    • Zero-profile implant versus integrated cage-plate implant in treatment of single level cervical disc disease

      Mohammed Zayan Ibrahim, Amr Farouk Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, Hany El Zahlawy


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    • Simulating upright cervical lordosis in the supine position

      Hamza Karabag, Ahmet Celal Iplikcioglu


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    • The survivorship of revision total hip replacement with severe proximal bone deficiency using a modular taper fluted prosthesis

      Siddharth Govilkar, Maulik J. Gandhi, Davinder S. Bhachu, John-Paul Whittaker, Christopher R. Evans, Richard Spencer-Jones


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    • Hip fracture specialists facilitate low-dose spinal anaesthesia in fractured neck of femur surgery

      David E. Brooks, Susanna N. Ritchie-McLean, Wystan Chevannes, Martyn J. Parker, Richard Griffiths


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    • Total knee arthroplasty for acute tibial plateau fractures: a survey amongst 68 Dutch orthopaedic surgeons

      Mees K. Hesmerg, Navin Gurnani, Lucien C.M. Keijser


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    • Mid-term outcomes of posterior capsular release for fixed flexed deformity after total knee arthroplasty

      Theofylaktos Kyriakidis, Nikolaos Tasios, Bruno Vandekerckhove, Peter Verdonk, Michiel Cromheecke, René Verdonk


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    • The addition of oral Tranexamic acid to knee arthroplasty patients does not further improve blood loss: a double blinded randomized control trial

      Ciaran McDonald, Iain Feeley, Sean Flynn, Anthony Farrell, Martin Kelly, Eoin Sheehan


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    • Tibial cancellous bone auto-grafting for medial open-wedge high tibial osteotomy: bone void filling with tissue harvested from osteotomized medullary canal

      Cumhur Cevdet Kesemenli, Omer Yonga, Serdar Demiroz, Kaya Memisoglu, Emre Karadeniz


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    • Quadriceps tendon vs hamstring autograft in primary ACL reconstruction – a comparative study with minimum two-year follow-up

      Maria Victoria Pomenta Bastidas, Sergi Sastre, Josep Maria Segur Vilalta, Jose Rios, Marta Sabater, Dragos Popescu


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    • Are running stitches needed in DT4 Single Anteromedial Bundle Biological Augmentation transplant preparation?

      Maxime Huard, Louis Hustin, Christine Detrembleur, Romain Letartre


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    • Comparison of the WALANT and the PFNB techniques in the surgical treatment of unimalleolar fractures: a prospective study

      Ceyhun Çağlar, Ali Said Nazlıgül, Yasemin Akçaalan, Mehmet Asiltürk, Mahmut Uğurlu


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    • Non-contact wound area assessment by digital planimetry using photo editing software

      Pradyumna Krishna Majumdar, Umesh Yadav, Rakesh K. Gupta, Raj Singh Potalia, Vinit Verma


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    • Instability after reverse total shoulder arthroplasty: risk factors and how to avoid them

      Lorena Pena, Javier Pena, Esteban López-Anglada, Alejandro F. Braña


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    • Radial head fractures: a quantitative analysis

      Silvio Lampaert, Jan Herregodts, Lieven De Wilde, Alexander Van Tongel


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    • The prevalence of frozen shoulder in patients with limited Dupuytren disease

      Maarten Van Nuffel, Alexander Poelmans, Sebastiaan Kellens, Hilde Vandenneucker, Ilse Degreef


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    • Radial tuberosity anatomy in intramedullar repair of distal biceps tendon ruptures. A radiological study

      Laurens Van Melkebeke, Roger Van Riet, Joris Duerinckx, Pieter Caekebeke


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    • Treatment practice for Dupuytren disease in Belgium before 2020: results from an online survey

      Maarten Van Nuffel, Caroline Meulyzer, Charlotte Vrancken, Eric Van den Kerckhove, Luc De Smet, Ilse Degreef


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    • Outcome of the MatOrtho arthroplasty for PIP osteoarthritis with a minimum follow-up of two years

      Kathleen Janssens, Frederik Verstreken


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