Issue 2

Volume 67, April 2001

  • article

    • Fat and bone marrow embolism in total hip arthroplasty.

      M J Koessler, and R P Pitto.


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    • Delayed presentation of compartment syndrome following gastrocnemius tear.

      M D Fletcher, D Spicer, and P J Warren.


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    • Scapho-capitate fracture syndrome. A case report.

      A Kumar, and A P Thomas.


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    • Dieterich's disease: avascular necrosis of the metacarpal head: a case report.

      E Thienpont, W Vandesande, and L De Smet.


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    • Total cleidectomy for a solitary metastasis of the clavicle.

      J Tabuenca Dumortier, E Ortiz Cruz, and J Olivas Olivas.


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    • Subtalar arthritis as a presenting symptom of Familial Mediterranean fever: case report and literature review.

      I Dudkiewicz, A Chechik, A Blankstein, and M Salai.


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    • Neurofibromatosis, gigantism, elephantiasis neuromatosa and recurrent massive subperiosteal hematoma: a new case report and review of 7 case reports from the literature.

      F Steenbrugge, B Poffyn, D Uyttendaele, R Verdonk, and K Verstraete.


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    • Surgical treatment for rheumatoid neck arthritis bilateral occipitospinal fusion with plate fixation.

      A A Faraj, J K Webb, and H Prince.


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    • Pullout strength of pedicle screws versus pedicle and laminar hooks in the thoracic spine.

      U Liljenqvist, L Hackenberg, T Link, and H Halm.


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    • Comparative study between Wilson and Mitchell metatarsal osteotomies for the treatment of hallux valgus in adults.

      D Karataglis, R J Dinley, and G Kapetanos.


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    • [Weil's cervicocapital osteotomy for median metatarsalgia. Report of 70 cases]

      O Jarde, D Hussenot, E Vimont, L S Barouk, B Ferre, and G A Raad.


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    • Unicondylar femoral fractures: therapeutic strategy and long-term results. A review of 23 patients.

      M Manfredini, A Gildone, R Ferrante, S Bernasconi, and L Massari.


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    • Shelf acetabuloplasty for Perthes' disease: 12-year follow-up.

      I C Van Der Geest, M A Kooijman, M Spruit, P G Anderson, and P M De Smet.


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    • Fractures and nonunions of the carpal scaphoid in children.

      O Fabre, H De Boeck, and P Haentjens.


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    • The bone block procedure in recurrent posterior shoulder instability.

      T Gosens, F C van Biezen, and J A Verhaar.


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    • Treatment options in full thickness rotator cuff tears.

      F W Handelberg.


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