Issue 5

Volume 67, December 2001

  • article

    • Association of severe autosomal recessive osteopetrosis and Dandy-Walker syndrome with agenesis of the corpus callosum.

      Ben Hamouda H, Sfar MN, Braham R, Ben Salah M, Ayadi A, Soua H, Hamza H, Sfar MT.


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    • Progressive correction of an ulnar clubhand secondary to post-traumatic epiphysiodesis of the distal ulna

      Berger M, Ramboaniaina S, Naudi S, Prieur E.


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    • Textiloma of the thigh presenting as a sarcoma.

      Mboti B, Gebhart M, Larsimont D, Abdelkafi K.


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    • Use of polymerase chain reaction in diagnosis of occult tuberculosis of the fibula.

      Malhan K, Kumar A, Sherman KP.


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    • Corrective osteotomy using Hoffmann II external fixators for extra-auricular malunion of the distal radius

      Baillon R, Gris M, Tollet P, Schuind F, Burny F.


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    • Fluoroscopy-guided transpedicular trocar biopsy of the spine--results, review, and technical notes.

      Moller S, Kothe R, Wiesner L, Werner M, Ruther W, Delling G.


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    • Anterior tarsectomy for cavus foot. Retrospective study of 52 cases

      Jarde O, Abi Raad G, Vernois J, Havet E, Gabrion A.


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    • Treatment of intertrochanteric fractures by external fixation.

      Subasi M, Kesemenli C, Kapukaya A, Necmioglu S.


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    • Ulnar variance and the shape of the lunate bone. A radiological investigation.

      Schuurman AH, Maas M, Dijkstra PF, Kauer JM.


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    • Metastatic involvement of the humerus: a retrospective study of 51 cases.

      Gebhart M, Dequanter D, Vandeweyer E.


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    • Osseous overgrowth in congenital amputations of the upper limb: report of 3 cases treated with autologous stump plasty.

      Michels F, De Smet L.


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    • The use of a hook-plate in the management of acromioclavicular injuries. Report of ten cases.

      Faraj AA, Ketzer B.


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    • Surgery for primary bone sarcomas of the pelvis.

      Somville J, Van Bouwel S.


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    • Current concepts in the treatment of radial head fractures in the adult. A clinical and biomechanical approach.

      Van Glabbeek F, Van Riet R, Verstreken J.


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  • case report

    • Compound fracture of the ankle treated by locked retrograde transplantar nailing: a case report

      Boute P, Vancabeke M, Putz P.


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    • Tuberculosis of the clavicle presenting as an expansile lytic lesion: a case report.

      Basanagoudar PL, Gupta PN, Bahadur R, Dhillon MS.


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  • clinical trial

    • Kinematic and kinetic evaluation of the ankle after intramuscular injection of botulinum toxin A in children with cerebral palsy.

      Zurcher AW, Molenaers G, Desloovere K, Fabry G.


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