Issue 4

Volume 68, October 2002

  • article

    • Elastofibroma dorsi. Report of five cases and review of the literature.

      Montijano Huertes C, Chismol Abad J, Pons Soriano A, Seminario Eleta P, Fenollosa Gomez J.


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    • Adamantinoma of the tibia in a nine-year-old child.

      Sarisozen B, Durak K, Ozturk C.


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    • Fifty-year survival of a Judet acrylic prosthesis

      Kamangu M, Burette JL.


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    • Juxtacortical osteosarcoma of the radius in a child

      Smida M, Nigrou K, Sassi S, Ben Ghachem M.


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    • Non rheumatoid closed rupture of extensor carpi ulnaris tendon. Report of a case in a professional athlete.

      Xarchas KC, Leviet D.


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    • One-stage elbow interposition arthroplasty with a fasciocutaneous distally planned lateral arm flap.

      Vancabeke M, Lamraski G, Berthe JV, Coessens BC.


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    • Gram staining in the diagnosis of acute septic arthritis.

      Faraj AA, Omonbude OD, Godwin P.


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    • Infectious spondylitis. Study of a series of 151 cases

      Ben Taarit Ch, Turki S, Ben Maiz H.


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    • Polydactyly of the foot. Literature review and case presentations.

      Galois L, Mainard D, Delagoutte JP.


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    • A comparative biomechanical study of the strength of the bony patella following dome cut or uniplanar cut in total knee arthroplasty.

      Schwartz O, Levin M, Rotem A, Mendes DG.


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    • Wear pattern of retrieved patellar implants.

      Schwartz O, Aunallah J, Levitin M, Mendes DG.


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    • Arthroscopic partial lateral meniscectomy long-term results in athletes.

      Bonneux I, Vandekerckhove B.


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    • Do unloading periods affect migration characteristics of cemented femoral components? An in vitro evaluation with the Exeter stem.

      Verdonschot N, Barink M, Stolk J, Gardeniers JW, Schreurs BW.


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    • Surgical management of isolated fractures of the ulnar shaft

      Boussouga M, Bousselmame N, Lazrek K, Taobane H.


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    • Motorcycle injury and survival: improving outcomes.

      Collighan N, Giannoudis PV, Barlow I, Koureaki E, Bellamy MC.


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    • Pseudodystrophy. A conversion disorder mimicking reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

      Driessens M, Blockx P, Geuens G, Dijs H, Verheyen G, Stassijns G.


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    • Pitfalls in wrist arthroscopy.

      De Smet L.


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  • case report

    • Isolated avulsion fracture of the coronoid process requiring open reduction in a paediatric patient: a case report.

      Gadgil A, Roach R, Neal N, Maffulli N.


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