Issue 1

Volume 69, February 2003

  • article

    • Spontaneous bilateral patellar tendon rupture in an otherwise healthy patient. A case report.

      Quintero Quesada J, Mora Villadeamigo J, Abad Rico JI.


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    • Spontaneous bilateral femoral neck fractures in a young adult with chronic renal failure.

      Karapinar H, Ozdemir M, Akyol S, Ulku O.


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    • Mallet thumb.

      De Smet L, Van Ransbeeck H.


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    • Pacinian corpuscles hyperplasia--an uncommon cause of digital pain.

      Kumar A, Darby AJ, Kelly CP.


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    • The effects of osteoporosis on distraction osteogenesis: an experimental study in an ovariectomised rabbit model.

      Arslan H, Ketani A, Gezici A, Kapukaya A, Necmioglu S, Kesemenli C, Subasi M.


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    • Early results after four years experience with the S.T.A.R. uncemented total ankle prosthesis.

      Natens P, Dereymaeker G, Abbara M, Matricali G.


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    • Tibiocalcaneal Marchetti-Vicenzi nailing in revision arthrodesis for posttraumatic pseudarthrosis of the ankle.

      De Smet K, De Brauwer V, Burssens P, Van Ovost E, Verdonk R.


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    • Bassini's hernial repair and adductor longus tenotomy in the treatment of chronic groin pain in athletes.

      Van Der Donckt K, Steenbrugge F, Van Den Abbeele K, Verdonk R, Verhelst M.


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    • Ischiopubic hypoplasia: a rare constituent of congenital syndromes.

      Sferopoulos NK, Tsitouridis I.


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    • Operative treatment of elbow stiffness: evaluation and outcome.

      Heirweg S, De Smet L.


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    • Arthroscopic subacromial decompression for advanced (stage II) impingement syndrome: a study of 52 patients with five years follow-up.

      Dom K, Van Glabbeek F, Van Riet RP, Verborgt O, Wuyts FL.


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  • review article

    • Dissociation of the S-ROM metal-backed polyethylene acetabular liner--a case report and literature review.

      Bhinda HP, Sarkar SP.


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    • External fixation in lumbar segmental instability.

      Faraj AA.


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    • Bone substitutes in 2003: an overview.

      Delloye C, Cnockaert N, Cornu O.


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  • case report

    • Combined fracture of the distal radius and scaphoid in children. Report of 2 cases.

      Smida M, Nigrou K, Soohun T, Sallem R, Jalel C, Ben Ghachem M.


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  • clinical trial

    • Local flap coverage for soft tissue defects following open repair of Achilles tendon rupture

      Kumta SM, Maffulli N.


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    • Distraction osteotomy for malunion of the distal end of the radius with radial shortening.

      Arslan H, Subasi M, Kesemenli C, Kapukaya A, Necmioglu S.


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