Issue 3

Volume 69, June 2003

  • article

    • The floating metatarsal. A rare traumatic injury.

      Kasmaoui el H, Bousselmame N, Bencheba D, Boussouga M, Lazrek K, Taobane H.


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    • Reactive pelvic cyst following total hip arthroplasty. A case report.

      Thienpont E, Vernaeve H.


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    • Pseudomalignant myositis ossificans of the wrist causing compression of the ulnar nerve and artery. A case report.

      Kaleli T, Temiz A, Ozturk H.


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    • A case of myositis ossificans as a complication of tetanus treated by surgical excision.

      Karapinar H, Yagdi S.


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    • The "susper" lesion, a specific entity in open calcaneal fractures.

      Van Eeckhoudt S, Govaers K.


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    • Degenerative lesions of the plantar fascia: surgical treatment by fasciectomy and excision of the heel spur. A report on 38 cases.

      Jarde O, Diebold P, Havet E, Boulu G, Vernois J.


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    • The relation between static and dynamic knee stability after ACL reconstruction.

      Higuchi H, Terauchi M, Kimura M, Kobayashi A, Takeda M, Watanabe H, Takagishi K.


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    • Functional evaluation after primary flexor tendon repair in zone II.

      Galanakis I, Aligizakis A, Katonis P, Vavouranakis H, Stergiopoulos K, Hadjipavlou A.


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    • Radiographic analysis of anatomic risk factors for scapholunate dissociation.

      Thienpont E, Mulier T, De Smet L.


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    • The functional importance of malunion in distal radius fractures.

      Hollevoet N, Verdonk R.


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    • Blatt's capsulodesis for chronic scapholunate instability.

      Misra A, Hales P.


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    • Relevance of the restoration of humeral length and retroversion in hemiarthroplasty for humeral head fractures.

      Christoforakis JJ, Kontakis GM, Katonis PG, Maris T, Voloudaki A, Prassopoulos P, Hadjipavlou AG.


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    • Observer variabilities of radiological classifications of calcified deposits in calcifying tendinitis of the shoulder.

      Maier M, Maier-Bosse T, Veihelmann A, Pellengahr C, Steinborn M, Kleen M, Schulz CU.


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  • review article

    • Elemental mercury-induced subcutaneous granuloma. A case report and review of the literature.

      Kayias EH, Drosos GI, Hapsas D, Anagnostopoulou GA.


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    • Acquired flatfoot deformity secondary to dysfunction of the tibialis posterior tendon.

      Popovic N, Lemaire R.


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