Issue 5

Volume 73, October 2007

  • review article

    • The use of allografts in paediatric orthopaedic surgery

      Pierre-Louis Docquier, Laurent Paul, Maryline Mousny, Olivier Cornu, Christian Delloye


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    • Revision of the femoral prosthesis with impaction allografting

      Rupen Dattani, Gordon Blunn


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  • original studies

    • Arthroscopic fixation of type III acromioclavicular dislocations

      Jan F. A. Somers, Dietert Van der Linden


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    • Proximal humeral fractures in geriatric patients. Is the angle-stable plate osteosynthesis really a breakthrough ?

      Thomas Manfred Frangen, Ernst Josef Müller, Marcel Dudda, Stephan Arens, Gert Muhr, Thomas Kälicke


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    • The equal limbs lateral closing wedge osteotomy for correction of cubitus varus in children

      Wael El-Adl


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    • Ulnar plating for the treatment of unstable fractures of the forearm in children

      Akram Hammad, Ehab Hasanin, Wael Lotfy, Wael Eladl


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    • Functional outcome of four-corner arthrodesis for treatment of grade IV scaphoid non-union

      Hani El-Mowafi, Mahmoud El-Hadidi, George W. Boghdady, Ehab Y. Hasanein


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    • Correlation between thigh pain and radiological findings with a proximally porous-coated stem

      Plamen Kinov, Roman Radl, Maximilian Zacherl, Andreas Leithner, Reinhard Windhager


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    • Early tunnel enlargement after arthroscopic ACL reconstructions

      Ender Ugutmen, Korhan Özkan, Melih Güven, Nadir Sener, Faik Altıntas


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    • Treatment of delayed union or non-union of the tibial shaft with partial fibulectomy and an Ilizarov frame

      Jo Dujardyn , Johan Lammens


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    • Minimally invasive percutaneous plate fixation of distal tibia fractures

      Syah Bahari, Brian Lenehan, Hamad Khan, John P. McElwain


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    • Treatment of late recurring idiopathic clubfoot deformity in adults

      Leonhard E. Ramseier, Ralf Schoeniger, Patrick Vienne, Norman Espinosa


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    • A randomized trial of ‘soft cast’ for distal radius buckle fractures in children

      Khalid Sarwar Khan, Aidan Grufferty, Olga Gallagher, David P. Moore, Esmond Fogarty, Frank Dowling


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    • Is radiolunate fusion a viable option in advanced Kienböck disease ?

      Anant Tambe, Farhan Ali, Ian Trail, John Stanley


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  • case report

    • Idiopathic chondrolysis of the hip. A case report

      Jens François, Michiel Mulier


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    • Patellar fracture following combined proximal and distal patella realignment

      Emmanuel Thienpont, Vincent Druez


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    • Tuberculous infection in a total knee replacement performed for medial tibial plateau fracture : A case report

      Anish P. Kadakia, Rhodri Williams, Victor G. Langkamer


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    • Multilevel vertebral osteomyelitis and facet joint infection following epidural catheterisation

      Ranganathan Arun, Shafic Said Al-Nammari, S. M. Hossein Mehdian


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    • Vertebral osteomyelitis, epidural and psoas abscess after epidural catheter use

      Kalliopi Alpantaki, Antonis Papoutsidakis, Pavlos Katonis, Alexander Hadjipavlou


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    • Primary sacral hydatid cyst. A case report

      Nayana Joshi, Alejandro Hernandez-Martinez, Roberto Seijas-Vazquez


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    • Long term follow-up of a patient with disseminated spinal hydatidosis

      Johannes L. Bron, Folkert J. van Kemenade, Olaf J. W. Verhoof, Paul I. J. M. Wuisman †


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    • Brodie’s abscess of the femoral neck simulating osteoid osteoma

      Yash Gulati, Aditya V. Maheshwari


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  • article

    • In Memoriam : Frantz Langlais (1942-2007)


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