Issue 3

Volume 75, June 2009

  • review article

    • Should tourniquets be used in upper limb surgery ? A systematic review and meta-analysis.

      Toby O. Smith, Caroline B. Hing


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  • original studies

    • Comparison of early and delayed failed total shoulder arthroplasty

      Christopher K. Kepler, Shane J. Nho, Owen L. Ala, Edward V. Craig, Timothy M. Wright, Russell F. Warren


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    • Distal metaphyseal radius fractures in children : reduction with or without pinning

      Wim Van Leemput, Koen De Ridder


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    • Discharging pin sites following K-wire fixation of distal radial fractures : A case for pin removal ?

      Aravind Desai, Asterios Dramis, Neville Thompson, Tim Board, Awani Choudhary


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    • The Darrach procedure for post-traumatic reconstruction

      Pieter Bas De Witte, Mathieu Wijffels, Jesse B. Jupiter, David Ring


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    • Outcome of four-corner arthrodesis for advanced carpal collapse : Circular plate versus traditional techniques

      Luc De Smet, Patrick Deprez, Joris Duerinckx, Ilse Degreef


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    • Traumatic hip dislocation in children

      Makram Zrig, Hichem Mnif, Mustapha Koubaa, Abderrazek Abid


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    • Outcome of varus derotation closed wedge osteotomy in Perthes disease

      Raghav Saini, Tarun Goyal, Mandeep Singh Dhillon, Shivinder Singh Gill, Pebam Sudesh, Aditya Mootha


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    • Long-stem revision prosthesis for salvage of failed fixation of extracapsular proximal femoral fractures

      Rory J. Sharvill, Nicholas A. Ferran, Huw G. Jones, Stephen A. Jones


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    • Impact of stem-broach sizing on the cement mantle of Lubinus SP II stems. A CT scan analysis

      Thierry Scheerlinck, Johan de Mey, Rudi Deklerck


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    • Rotatory stability of the knee after arthroscopic meniscus suture repair : A 5-to-17-year follow-up study of isolated medial and lateral meniscus tears

      Martin Majewski, Reinhard Stoll, Werner Müller, Niklaus F. Friederich


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    • Bifocal and trifocal bone transport for failed limb reconstruction after tumour resectionnts.

      Barakat El-Alfy, Hani El-Mowafi, Samir Kotb


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    • Complications following correction of the planovalgus foot in cerebral palsy by arthroereisis

      Iakov Molayem, Pietro Persiani, Lucian Lior Marcovici, Stefano Rosi, Alessandro Calistri, Ciro Villani


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    • Results of triple arthrodesis in children and adolescentsorrecti

      Maria Vlachou, Dimitris Dimitriadis


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    • Long-term functional outcome after type A3 spinal fractures : operative versus non-operative treatment

      Richard B. Post, Corry K. van der Sluis, Vincent J.M. Leferink, Henk-Jan ten Duis


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    • Does timing matter in performing kyphoplasty ? Acute versus chronic compression fracturesn-opera

      Serkan Erkan, Taçkın R.Özalp, Hüseyin S. Yercan, Güvenir Okcu


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    • High tibial valgus osteotomy using the Tomofix plate – Medium-term results in young patients.

      Saeed H. Zaki, Paul J. Rae


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  • technical note

    • Dorsally angulated proximal phalanx fractures : Closed reduction and rigid fixation using a reversed extension splint.

      Nicola B. Vannet, Peter J. Kempshall, Jonathan P. Davies


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  • case report

    • Fishtail deformity as a result of a non-displaced supracondylar fracture of the humerusn

      Daniel W. Schulte, Leonhard E. Ramseier


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    • Dislocation of the mobile bearing component of a patellofemoral arthroplasty : A report of two cases

      Suzanne Witjes, Chris Van Den Broek, Sander Koëter, Corné Van Loon



    • Augmentation of a patellar tendon repair with an autologous semitendinosus graft

      Hans Van der Bracht, René Verdonk, Bart Stuyts


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    • Pseudodystrophy of the ankle and lower leg in a 9-year-old girli

      Sascha Van Nuijs, Jan Berger, Marek Wojciechowski, Isabelle D'Hoore, Marc Driessens


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    • Posterior epidural mass : can a posteriorly migrated lumbar disc fragment mimic tumour, haematoma or abscess

      Alihan Derincek, Metin Özalay, Orhan S¸en, Ays¸in Pourbagher


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    • A case of infantile scurvy treated only with vitamin C : A forgotten diseasemic

      Aysegul Bursali, Sarper Gursu, Alper Gursu, Timur Yildirim


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