Issue 5

Volume 75, October 2009

  • review article

    • Foot compartment syndrome : A systematic review of the literature

      Nwakile I. Ojike, Craig S. Roberts, Peter V. Giannoudis


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  • original studies

    • Open distal clavicle resection : isolated or with adjunctive acromioplasty

      Emilie V. Cheung, John W. Sperling, Peter C. Zarkadas, Robert H. Cofield


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    • A comparative clinical evaluation of arthroscopic single-row versus double-row supraspinatus tendon repair

      Eduard Buess, Bernhard Waibl, Roger Vogel, Robert Seidner


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    • Relocation of a dislocated long head of biceps tendon is no better than biceps tenodesis

      Damian McClelland, Simon N. Bell, Sean O'Leary


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    • Retrograde Ender nailing for humerus shaft fractures

      Ashish Khurana, Anirudha Pendse, Hitesh Modi, Sanket Diwanji, Hemant Mathur, Rajiv Daveshwar


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    • Outcome of ulnohumeral arthroplasty in osteoarthritis of the elbow

      Mahmut Ugurlu, Alpaslan Senkoylu, Hakan Ozsoy, Ismail Demirkale, Kasim Kilicarslan, Metin Dogan


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    • Treatment of non-union of forearm bones with a free vascularised corticoperiosteal flap from the medial femoral condyle

      Luc De Smet


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    • Carpal scaphoid fracture in the skeletally immature : A single centre one-year prospective study

      Yew Wei Tan, Nicola Maffulli


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    • Clinical and radiological evaluation of modular trabecular metal acetabular cups. Short-term results in 64 hips

      Jean-Pierre Simon, Johan Bellemans


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    • Endoscopically assisted core decompression in avascular necrosis of the femoral head

      Kris Govaers, Geert Meermans, Hilde Bortier, Jurgen Londers


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    • Combined syringe cement pressurisation and intra-osseous suction : An effective technique in total knee arthroplasty

      Jon J. Matthews, Luke Ball, Stephen M. Blake, Peter J. Cox


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    • The LISS plate treatment of supracondylar fractures above a total knee replacement : a case-control study

      Alan R. Norrish, Zaid A. Jibri, Phil Hopgood


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    • Cutaneous sensory loss following primary total knee arthroplasty. A two years follow-up study

      Sivaraman Subramanian, Hakeem Lateef, Araz Massraf


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    • Plantar contact stress and gait analysis after resection of tarsal coalition

      Adrian Skwara, Vassiliki Zounta, Carsten O. Tibesku, Susanne Fuchs-Winkelmann, Dieter Rosenbaum


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    • Treatment of hallux valgus deformity : Preliminary results with a modified distal metatarsal osteotomy

      Naeder Helmy, Patrick Vienne, Arndt von Campe, Norman Espinosa


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    • Intra-operative cerebral microembolisation during primary hybrid total hip arthroplasty compared with primary hip resurfacing

      Rahul Patel, Jan Stygall, Jane Harrington, Stanton Newman, Fares Haddad


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  • technical note

    • Arthroscopic fenestration of the distal humerus : A viable option for painful elbow impingement in sportsmen

      Ilse Degreef


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  • case report

    • Glomus tumour of the deltoid muscle. A case report

      Gunhan Karakurum, Ediz Tutar, Lutfiye Pirbudak, Ayse Mizrak


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    • Aneurysmal bone cyst of the scapula. A case report

      Panagiotis Megas, Zafiria G. Papathanassiou, George Kasimatis, Dionysios J. Papachristou


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    • Tumoral calcinosis in children, a challenging and possibly underdiagnosed condition

      Sybille Castelein, Pierre-Louis Docquier, Jean-Emile Dubuc, Christine Galant


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    • Secondary collapse of lateral femoral condyle following bone bruise : A case report

      Nicola Vannet, Peter Kempshall, Jonathan Davies


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    • Traumatic talus extrusion : case reports and literature review

      Nick Van Opstal, Geoffroy Vandeputte


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    • Giant sacral schwannoma A case report and review of the literature

      Cagatay Ozturk, Cuneyt Mirzanli, Omer Karatoprak, Mehmet Tezer, Mehmet Aydogan, Azmi Hamzaoglu


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  • in memoriam

    • In memoriam : Robert Litt (1928-2009)

      Jean Lewalle, André Vincent


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