Issue 2

Volume 68, April 2002

  • article

    • Acute paraplegia due to thoracic extramedullary hematopoiesis in chronic myeloproliferative disorder--an unusual presentation.

      Chang YH, Niu CC, Chen LH, Chen WJ.


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    • Ulnopalmar dislocation of the fifth carpometacarpal joint. A rare injury.

      Fischer JW, Waseem M, Gambhir A, Creedon RJ.


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    • Filling of segmental bone defects in revision knee arthroplasty using morsellized bone grafts contained within a metal mesh.

      Suarez-Suarez MA, Murcia A, Maestro A.


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    • Transient bone oedema of the tibia mimicking a tumorous process.

      Robinson D, Kossashvili Y, Sandbank J, Halperin N, Alk D.


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    • Two-stage exchange of infected knee arthroplasty with an prosthesis-like interim cement spacer.

      Siebel T, Kelm J, Porsch M, Regitz T, Neumann WH.


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    • Functional results after surgical repair of quadriceps tendon rupture.

      De Baere T, Geulette B, Manche E, Barras L.


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    • Carpal tunnel syndrome despite negative neurophysiological studies.

      Kitsis CK, Savvidou O, Alam A, Cherry RJ.


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  • case report

    • Prosthetic hip joint infection caused by Listeria monocytogenes

      Tabib W, Guiffault P, Lemort CB, Berrada H.


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    • Penetration injury of the hindfoot following intramedullary nail fixation of a tibial fracture.

      Faraj AA, Johnson VG.


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    • Irreducible dorsal radiocarpal fracture dislocation with dissociation of the distal radioulnar joint: a case report.

      Ayekoloye CI, Shah N, Kumar A, Kurdy N.


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    • Bilateral anterior shoulder dislocation--a case report and review of the literature.

      Dunlop CC.


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  • evaluation studie

    • The usefulness of the Phalen test and the Hoffmann-Tinel sign in the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome.

      Bruske J, Bednarski M, Grzelec H, Zyluk A.


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  • clinical trial

    • Prevention of thromboembolic disease after non-cemented hip arthroplasty. A multimodal approach.

      Leali A, Fetto J, Moroz A.


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  • review article

    • Meniscal transplantation.

      Verdonk R.


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    • Present state-of-the-art in elbow arthroplasty.

      Gschwend N.


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