Issue 4

Volume 76, August 2010

  • review article

    • Operative management of intra-articular distal interphalangeal joint fractures of the hand

      Kanthan Theivendran, Talvinder Singh, Vaikunthan Rajaratnam


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  • aspects of current management

    • Primary hip arthroplasty templating on standard radiographs: A stepwise approach

      Thierry Scheerlinck


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    • Platelet enriched plasma for acute muscle injury

      Bruce Hamilton, Wade Knez, Cristiano Eirale, Hakim Chalabi


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  • original studies

    • Outcome of latissimus dorsi transfer for irreparable rotator cuff tears

      Philippe Debeer, Luc De Smet


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    • Ultrasonographic evaluation of the shoulder in asymptomatic overhead athletes

      Durmus Ali Ocguder, Ozgur Tosun, Bulent Bektaser, Nuriye Cicek, Ali I?pek, Murat Bozkurt


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    • Internal fixation of proximal humerus fractures with the Polarus intramedullary nail

      Miltiadis Georgousis, Vasileios Kontogeorgakos, Savvas Kourkouvelas , Stylianos Badras, Vasileios Georgaklis, Leonidas Badras


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    • The Outerbridge-Kashiwaghi procedure in elbow arthroscopy

      Ilse Degreef, Nicolaas Samorjai, Luc De Smet


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    • Dorsal nail plate fixation of distal radius fractures

      Michele Rampoldi, Aldo Marsico


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    • Radiological determination of the anatomic hip centre from pelvic landmarks

      Markus D. Schofer, Thomas Pressel, Thomas J. Heyse, Jan Schmitt, Ulrich Boudriot


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    • Prediction of posttraumatic femoral head osteonecrosis by quantitative intraosseous aspirate and core biopsy analysis: A prospective study

      Ramesh Kumar Sen, Sujit Kumar Tripathy, Shivinder Singh Gill, Neelam Verma, Paramjeet Singh, Bishan Dass Radotra


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    • Modular proximal femoral replacement in salvage hip surgery for non-neoplastic conditions

      Mathew D Sewell, Sammy A. Hanna, Richard W. Carrington, Robin C. Pollock, John A. Skinner,Stephen R. Cannon, Timothy W.R. Briggs


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    • Treatment of distal femoral fractures in elderly diabetic patients using minimally invasive percutaneous plating osteosynthesis (MIPPO)

      Abdel-Rahman El-Ganainy, Adham Elgeidi


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    • Iliotibial band traction syndrome in guided motion TKA : A new clinical entity after TKA

      Lucas Luyckx, Thomas Luyckx, Johan Bellemans, Jan Victor


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    • Differences in metal ion release following cobalt-chromium and oxidized zirconium total knee arthroplasty.

      Simon Garrett, Neal Jacobs, Piers Yates, Anne Smith, David Wood


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    • Ankle fracture classification : an evaluation of three classification systems : Lauge-Hansen, A.O. and Broos-Bisschop

      Christos Alexandropoulos, Stefanos Tsourvakas, John Papachristos, Athanasios Tselios, Paraskevi Soukouli


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    • Early results of distal metatarsal osteotomy through minimally invasive approach for mild-to-moderate hallux valgus

      Ahmed Enan, Mohamed Abo-Hegy, Hany Seif


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    • Scoliosis surgery : correction not correlated with instrumentation,quality of life not correlated with correction or instrumentation

      Rolf Sobottke, Jan Siewe, Jan Hokema, Ulf Schlegel, Thomas Zweig, Peer Eysel


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  • technical note

    • Practical considerations in the making and use of high-dose antibiotic-loaded bone cement

      Sumant Samuel, Ravichand Ismavel, P.R.J.V.C. Boopalan, Thomas Matthai


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    • A simplified technique for anterior cervical discectomy and fusion using a screw-plate implanted over the Caspar distractor pins

      Patrick Fransen


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  • case report

    • Late rupture of Flexor Pollicis Longus tendon 10 years after volar buttress plate fixation of a distal radius fracture : A case report

      Maureen K. Monda, Allun Ellis, Shuaib Karmani


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    • Isolated volar fracture-dislocation of the scaphoid with acute carpal tunnel syndrome : A case report

      Arun Kannan, Dharmesh Khatri, Vivek Trikha, Buddhadev Choudhary


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    • Displaced intracapsular fracture complicating transient osteopoenia of the hip in pregnancy : Timing of surgery

      Enis Guryel, Naveed Shaikh, David W. Clark


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    • Neglected bilateral femoral neck fracture associated with pregnancy and primary hyperparathyroidism

      Ali Murat Kalender, Ali Dogan, Albert Cakar, Tulin Turkoz


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