Issue 1

Volume 86, March 2020

  • Original studies

    • The influence of weather conditions on osteoarthritis and joint pain after prosthetic surgery

      Joris Bongers, Hilde Vandenneucker


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    • Long-term outcome of prosthetic joint infections treated with two-stage revision

      Giuliana Carrega, Giorgetta Casalino -Finocchio, Luca Cavagnaro, Lamberto Felli, Giovanni Riccio, Giorgio Burastero


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    • Femoral anteversion measurement : evaluation of inter- and intraobserver reliability

      Olivia Behaeghe, Annelies Van Beeck, Lieven Dossche, Johan Somville


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    • Total hip arthroplasty using the direct anterior approach and intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring for Crowe III hip dysplasia : surgical technique and case series

      Jan Vanlommel, Martin Sutter, Michael Leunig


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    • Evaluation of cerclage wiring in the treatment of subtrochanteric fractures

      Sigrid Fauconnier, Marno Van Lieshout, Jan Victor


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    • The influence of local infiltration analgesia after total hip replacement. A randomized clinical trial

      Marta Cuenca -Llavall, Daniel Pérez -Prieto, Francisco J. Santiveri, Alfonso León Garcia, Fernando Marqués


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    • Direct anterior total hip arthroplasty in supine position using regular OR table : case series and review of complication and reoperation rate

      Vincent Vanryckeghem, Jürgen Londers


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    • Polyaxial locking plate fixation in periprosthetic, peri-implant and distal shaft fractures of the femur : a comparison of open and less invasive surgical approaches

      Florian Hess, Christoph Knoth, JoEllen Welter, Ralph Zettl, Susanne Dörr


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    • Investigation of the changing etiology and risk factors of prosthetic joint infections : a university hospital surveillance study from 2011-2017

      Gülay Okay, Sibel Bolukcu, Bülent Durdu, Bilge Sumbul Gultepe, ?brahim Tuncay, Meliha Meric Koc


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    • Joint needle aspiration compared to tissue samples in septic arthritis of the native knee

      Laurens D. Pool, Danny Van Delft, Bregje J.W. Thomassen, Stefan B. Keizer , Ewoud R.A. Van Arkel


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    • Anatomical superficial medial collateral ligament reconstruction with posteromedial capsule reefing successfully restores valgus knee laxity

      Wybren A. Van der Wal, Stijn Van Gennip, Petra J.C. Heesterbeek, Vincent J. Busch, Ate B. Wymenga


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    • Can a ratio between medial and lateral meniscal volumes be calculated to determine critical meniscal volume in view of post-meniscectomy symptoms?

      Colette Van Elst, Pieter Caekebeke, Hilde Vandenneucker, Johan Bellemans, Lennert Scheys


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    • Radiolucent lines around knee arthroplasty components : a narrative review

      Delphine Wautier, Samy Ftaïta, Emmanuel Thienpont


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    • Functional outcome following closed reduction and percutaneous osteosynthesis of distal tibia articular fractures in children

      Laurent Bund, Thibault Tricard, Walch Alexis, Ludovic Schneider, Claude Karger, Philippe Gicquel


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    • Outcome after arthroscopically assisted percutaneous reconstruction of lateral ankle ligaments using a gracilis tendon autograft

      Maarten Caals, Peter Mertens, Dominique Spaepen, Kris Buedts


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    • Total ankle replacement : comparison of the outcomes of STAR and Mobility

      Martin Raglan, John T. Machin, Suzie Cro, Andrew Taylor, Sunil Dhar


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    • Combined anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) lesion and anterolateral syndesmotic impingement after ankle sprain trauma in runners

      Pejman Ziai, Florian Wenzel, Christoph Krall, Alexander Auffarth, Martin Hofstetter, Tomas Buchhorn


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    • Short-term outcome trapeziectomy with ligament reconstruction and tendon interposition versus trapeziometacarpal prosthesis : a literature review

      Karen Verhulst, Jan Dauwe, Maarten Van Nuffel, Luc De Smet


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    • Ten-year outcomes of the Arpe prosthesis for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the trapeziometacarpal joint

      Arne De Smet, Wim Vanhove, Szabolcs Benis, Matthias Verstraete, Nadine Hollevoet


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    • The surgical management for isolated scaphotrapeziotrapezoid (STT) osteoarthritis : a systematic review of the literature

      Shah Jehan, Hafiz Javaid Iqbal, Muhammad M M Javaid, Khalid Mohammed Sharif


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    • Four-corner fusion versus proximal row carpectomy : a retrospective review with a minimal follow-up of 9 years

      Maarten Van Nuffel, Matthias Vanhees, Liselore Maeckelbergh, Ilse Degreef, Luc De Smet


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    • Clinical and radiological characteristics of 82 solitary benign peripheral nerve tumours

      Grégoire Chick, Jan Victor, Nadine Hollevoet


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    • Severe heterotopic ossification after a shoulder arthroscopy : a rare clinical presentation

      Olivier Dhollander, Andrew McKee, Rick Houben


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    • Latissimus dorsi transfer using bone block technique to restore active external rotation in reversed total shoulder arthroplasty

      Nouchka Spapens, Alexander Van Tongel, Douwe Van Montfoort, Lieven De Wilde


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