Issue 3

Volume 73, June 2007

  • review article

    • Multicentric giant cell tumour of bone.

      Mandeep S. Dhillon, Prabhudev Prasad


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    • Primary hyperparathyroidism and pathological fractures

      Loek Verlaan, Bart van der Wal, Geert-Jan de Maat, Geert Walenkamp, Lizette Nollen-Lopez, André van Ooij


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  • original studies

    • Hemiarthroplasty for three- and four- part displaced fractures of the proximal humerus in patients over 65 years of age

      Dimitrios A. Pavlopoulos, Leonidas S. Badras, Christina S. Georgiou,Efstathios F. Skretas, Konstantinos N. Malizos


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    • Kiloh-Nevin syndrome : a compression neuropathy or brachial plexus neuritis ?

      Wilfried Schollen, Ilse Degreef, Luc De Smet


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    • Interposition arthroplasty using an acellular dermal matrix scaffold

      Julie E. Adams, Scott P. Steinmann


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    • Contralateral slip prediction in Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis : is bone age the answer ?

      Anandkumar Donamamrdi Gorva, James Metcalfe, Rohan Rajan, Stanley Jones, James Alfred Fernandes


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    • Impaction allografting revision for B3 periprosthetic femoral fractures using a Mennen plate to contain the graft : A technical report

      Eleftherios Tsiridis, Muhammad S. Amin, John Charity, Amir A. Narvani, John Timperley, Graham A. Gie


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    • The effect of proximal tibial fractures on the limb axis in children

      Sawas Nenopoulos, Aristides Vrettakos, Nikolaos Chaftikis, Theodoros Beslikas, Dimitrios Dadoukis


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    • Reconstruction of distal tibial defects following resection of malignant tumours by pedicled vascularised fibular grafts

      Walid Ebeid, Sherif Amin, Amr Abdelmegid, Yasser Refaat, Ahmed Ghoneimy


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    • Immediate unprotected weight-bearing of operatively treated ankle fractures

      Arif Gul, Sameer Batra, Shahid Mehmood, Nick Gillham


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    • Congenital convex pes valgus (congenital vertical talus). The condition and its treatment : A review of the literature

      Bart H. Bosker, Jon H. M. Goosen, René M. Castelein, Adriaan K. Mostert


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    • Flexor tendon lengthening for hammer toes and curly toes in paediatric patients

      Ruben Jacobs, Geoffroy Vandeputte


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    • Comparison of autologous transfusion drains versus no drain in total knee arthroplasty

      Alex P. Jones, Mark Harrison, Anthony Hui


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    • Patient acceptance of a foot pump device used for thromboprophylaxis

      Sanjeev Anand, Theophilus Asumu


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    • Patients poorly estimate the overall costs of a total knee arthroplasty and strongly overestimate the surgeon’s fee

      José M. H. Smolders, Corné J. M. Van Loon, Willard J. Rijnberg, Job L. C. Van Susante


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  • case report

    • Kirschner wire migration causing spinal cord injury one year after internal fixation of a clavicle fracture

      Patrick Fransen, Sylvie Bourgeois, Jacques Rommens


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    • Occult Monteggia fracture in an adult : A case report

      Anish P. Kadakia, Jaime Candal-Couto


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    • Post-traumatic bone loss of the femur treated with segmental bone allograft and bone morphogenetic protein : a case report

      Priscilla D'Agostino, Pierre Stassen, Christian Delloye


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    • Type 1 neurofibromatosis and adult extremity sarcoma: A report of two cases

      Bahtiyar Demiralp, M. Taner Ozdemir, Kaan Erler, Mustafa Basbozkurt


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    • The healing potential in cauda equina syndrome secondary to traumatic posterior L5-S1 dislocation: A case report with 16 years follow-up

      Oguz Cebesoy, Kamil Cagri Kose, Tarik Yazar


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    • Solitary eosinophilic granuloma of the radius. An unusual differential diagnosis

      Manish Chadha, Anil Agarwal, Nidhi Agarwal, Manoj Kumar Singh


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    • Paradoxical fat embolism after uncemented total hip arthroplasty : A case report

      Emmanuel Thienpont, Samir Kaddar, Stuart Morrison


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    • Lipoblastoma – A rare paediatric foot tumour

      Anjum Syed, Aftab  A. Iraqi, Quamar Azam, Sohail Ahmad


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