Issue 5

Volume 74, October 2008

  • review article

    • The DASH questionnaire and score in the evaluation of hand and wrist disorders

      Luc De Smet


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  • original studies

    • Self-reported shoulder function following massive rotator cuff tear reconstruction using a triceps brachii interposition flap

      Brian Schulz, John Nyland, Jeff Keen, Arthur Malkani


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    • Intra- and interobserver reliability of classification scores in calcific tendinitis using plain radiographs and CT scans

      Markus Maier, Johanna Schmidt-Ramsin, Christian Glaser, Anne Kunz, Helmut Küchenhoff, Thomas Tischer


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    • The behaviour of knots and sutures during the first 12 hours following a Bankart repair

      Peter J. Hughes, Cronan Kerin, Richard P. Hagan, Anthony C. Fisher, Simon P. Frostick


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    • Outcome of proximal humerus fractures treated by PHILOS plate internal fixation Experience of a District General Hospital

      Rizwan Shahid, Abid Mushtaq, Julian Northover, Mohammad Maqsood


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    • Hip subluxation and dislocation in cerebral palsy : Outcome of bone surgery in 21 hips

      Pietro Persiani, Iakov Molayem, Alessandro Calistri, Stefano Rosi, Marco Bove, Ciro Villani


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    • Uncemented total hip arthroplasty in patients less than twenty-years

      Camilo Restrepo, Thomas Lettich, Nathan Roberts, Javad Parvizi, William J. Hozack


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    • Measurement of radiographic magnification in the pelvis using archived CT scans

      Laurent Paul, Pierre-Louis Docquier, Olivier Cartiaux, Xavier Banse


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    • Non-operative treatment of elderly patients with femoral neck fracture

      Adnan A. Faraj


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    • Locking plate construct for femoral shaft fractures in skeletally immature patients

      Akram Hammad


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    • Is MRI useful in the early follow-up after autologous osteochondral transplantation

      Michail Kokkinakis, Konstantinos Kafchitsas, Aysha Rajeev, Johannes Mortier


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    • Isolated anterior cruciate ligament deficiency, knee scores and function

      Sheila Ramjug, Subhajit Ghosh, Gayle Walley, Nicola Maffulli


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    • Are lesions of the posterior cruciate ligament predictable before knee arthroplasty : A histological study of 434 ligaments in osteoarthritic knees

      Adrien Albert, Jean-Paul Forthomme, AnnickVandenhooft, Pascal Van Eeckhout, Francesco Feoli


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    • The Mansoura experience in the treatment of idiopathic clubfoot deformity using the Ponseti technique

      Elshenawy M. Elshenawy, Ehab Y. Hassanen, Akram I. Ramadam, Mazen M. Ibrahim


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    • Unilateral transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) using a single cage for treatment of low grade lytic spondylolisthesis

      Mohamed Adel El Masry, Hisham Khayal, Hossam Salah


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    • Parameters influencing thromboprophylaxis management of a lower leg trauma treated with a cast/splint

      Arne Decramer, Hans Lowyck, Marc Demuynck


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    • The risks of splash injury when using power tools during orthopaedic surgery : A prospective study

      Asef Alani, Cheaten Modi, Sami Almedghio, Ian Mackie


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  • technical note

    • A technique to remove a broken guide wire transfixing the hip joint

      Hemant Sharma, Manish Chauhan, Lalit Maini


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    • The Fish Hook Technique of extracting broken intramedullary nails

      Mehool Acharya, Asef Alani, Sami Almedghio


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  • case report

    • Lengthener loosening in a reversed shoulder prosthesis : A case report

      Harm W. Boons, Corne J. van Loon, Willard J. Rijnberg


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    • Stem fracture of a collarless, polished, double-taper cemented femoral prosthesis : A case report

      Dipak Raj, Benjamin D. Coupe, Graham S. Keene


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    • False aneurysm of the superficial femoral artery following minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis of a femoral shaft fracture

      Karel Demey, Luc Haeck, Wouter Sioen


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    • Deformity correction and massive lengthening on a centralized fibula with the Ilizarov technique

      Altaf A. Kawoosa, Mohammad F. Butt, Manzoor A. Halwai


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    • Giant thoracolumbar extradural arachnoid cyst : A case report

      Muddassir Rashid, Anjum Syed, Ibne Ahmad, Ekramullah


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    • Hemihyperplasia-Multiple Lipomatosis syndrome (HHML) : a challenge in spinal care

      Tobias L. Schulte, Ulf Liljenqvist, Heike Görgens, Lars Hackenberg, Viola Bullmann, Sigrid Tinschert


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    • An unusual complication following caudal epidural steroid injection : A case report

      Brinda Vihari Somanchi, Saeed Mohammad, Raymond Ross


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    • Avascular necrosis of the metacarpal head : Dieterich’s disease

      Oscar Ares, Roberto Seijas, Xavier Conesa, Jordi Pedemonte


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