Issue 1

Volume 76, February 2010

  • review article

    • One century of Kirschner wires and Kirschner wire insertion techniques : A historical review

      Bas B.G.M. Franssen, Arnold H. Schuurman, Aebele Mink Van Der Molen, Moshe Kon


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    • Paediatric hip fractures : A systematic review of incidence, treatment options and complications

      Richard Bimmel, Alex Bakker, Ben Bosma, Joseph Michielsen


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  • original studies

    • Management of full thickness rotator cuff tears. A survey amongst members of the Flemish Elbow and Shoulder Surgeons Society (FLESSS)

      Thomas Luyckx, Philippe Debeer


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    • Treatment of chronic wounds at the olecranon

      Nadine Hollevoet, Wim Vanhove, René Verdonk


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    • Mechanism of loosening of the Souter-Strathclyde total elbow replacement. Evidence from revision surgery

      Elaine Robinson, Neil Burke, Paula Douglas, John Orr, Joseph Pooley


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    • Is there a need for reconstruction after excision of the distal ulna for Giant-Cell tumour ?

      Mandeep Singh Dhillon, Raghav Saini, Shivinder Singh Gill


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    • Clinical and radiological results of the stemmed Mc Minn cup in hip revision surgery

      Pax Willemse, Rene M. Castelein, Paul L. P. A. Bom, Aart Verburg, Cees C. P. M. Verheyen


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    • Ilizarov treatment for aseptic delayed union or non-union after reamed intramedullary nailing of the femur

      Johan Lammens, Johan Vanlauwe


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    • Femoral component rotation and Laurin angle after total knee arthroplasty

      Tim Classen, Alexander Wegner, Ralf-Dietrich Müller, Marius Von Knoch


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    • A comparison of post-op haemoglobin levels and allogeneic blood transfusion rates following total knee arthroplasty without drainage or with reinfusion drains

      Shariff Hazarika, Rajarshi Bhattacharya, Mainudden Bhavikatti, Matthew Dawson


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    • Arthroscopy of the knee in elderly patients : Cartilage lesions and their influence on short term outcome. A retrospective follow-up of 183 patients

      Martijn Raaijmaakers, Johan Vanlauwe, Hilde Vandenneucker, Jan Dujardin, Johan Bellemans


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    • Incidence and aetiology of talipes equino-varus with recent population changes

      Robin W. Paton, Anna E. Fox, Anne Foster, Max Fehily


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    • Acute stress disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder following traumatic amputation

      Cem Copuroglu, Mert Ozcan, Baris Yilmaz, Yasemin Gorgulu, Ercan Abay, Erol Yalniz


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    • Anterior-only instrumentation and grafting after L5 corpectomy for non-traumatic lesions

      Li-Yang Dai, Lei-Sheng Jiang


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    • Non-tuberculous thoracic and lumbar spondylodiscitis?: single-stage anterior debridement and reconstruction, combined with posterior instrumentation and grafting

      Metin Ozalay, Orcun Sahin, Alihan Derincek, Ulas Onay, Tugba Turunc, Mustafa Uysal


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    • Application guidelines for dynamic knee joint analysis with a dual fluoroscopic imaging system

      Samuel K. Van de Velde, Ali Hosseini, Michal Kozánek, Thomas J. Gill, Harry E. Rubash, Guoan Li


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    • Premature epiphyseal fusions in Beta Thalassaemia

      Praveen L. Basanagoudar, Shivinder S. Gill, Mandeep S. Dhillon, Ram K. Marwaha


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    • Negative ulnar variance has prognostic value in progression of Kienböck’s disease

      Sophie Goeminne, Ilse Degreef, Luc De Smet


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    • Retroversion of the contralateral adult acetabulum after previous Perthes’ disease

      Robert P. Berg, Richard Galantay, Henk Eijer


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    • Reliability and reproducibility of classification systems for Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease?: A systematic review of the literature

      Dhirendra Mahadeva, Mark Chong, David J. Langton, Anthony M. Turner


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  • technical note

    • A modified Weaver-Dunn procedure without need for internal fixation

      Paul M. C. Dearden, Nicholas A. Ferran, Mohammad Maqsood


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  • case report

    • Ilizarov treatment for extreme bilateral genu recurvatum in a pseudoachondroplasia patient : A case report

      Olivier Segal, Johan Lammens


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    • Living history in current orthopaedic hip surgery : Intrapelvic teflon granuloma after total hip replacement

      Daniel Gheorghiu, Viju Peter, Martin Lynch


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    • Patient positioning for microdiscectomy nearly fatal because of iatrogenic obstruction to inferior cardiac inflow caused by hepatic hernia

      Geert Vermeersch, Davy Hoste


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    • Post-traumatic calcific myonecrosis of Flexor Hallucis Longus A case report and literature review

      Madhavan Chikkapapanna Papanna, Puneeth Monga, Richard Allen Wilkes


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