Issue 5

Volume 76, October 2010

  • review article

    • Risk of atypical femoral fracture with long-term use of alendronate (Bisphosphonates) : A systemic review of literature

      Sippy Agarwal, Saurabh Agarwal, Priyank Gupta,Puneet Kumar Agarwal, Gunjan Agarwal, Ankit Bansal


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    • Posterior ankle impingement syndrome : A clinical review with reference to horizontal jump athletes

      John Rogers, Paul Dijkstra, Pierre Mccourt, David Connell, Paul Brice, William Ribbans, Bruce Hamilton


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  • aspects of current management

    • Assessment and correction of femoral malrotation following intramedullary nailing of the femur

      Matthew E. Kent, Arvind Arora, P. Julian Owen , Vikas Khanduja


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  • original studies

    • Functional and radiological outcome after arthroscopic and open acromioclavicular stabilization using a double-button fixation system

      Saartje Defoort, Olivier Verborgt


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    • Septic arthritis of the shoulder joint : An analysis of management and outcome

      Hans-Michael Klinger, Mike H. Baums, Sven Freche, Thomas Nusselt, Gunter Spahn, Hanno Steckel


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    • Corrective osteotomy of the distal radius : dorsal or volar approach, closing or opening wedge

      Filip Verhaegen, Ilse Degreef, Luc De Smet


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    • No drain, autologous transfusion drain or suction drain? A randomised prospective study in total hip replacement surgery of 168 patients

      Graham Cheung, Michael R. Carmont, Andrew J.F. Bing ,Jan-Herman Kuiper, Robert J. Alcock, Niall M. Graham


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    • A review of problems, obstacles and sequelae encountered during femoral lengthening : Uniplanar versus circular external fixator

      Levent Eralp, Mehmet Kocaoglu, Fikri Erkal Bilen, Halil Ibrahim Balci,Berkin Toker, Kamran Ahmad


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    • The complex problem of the interprosthetic femoral fracture in the elderly patient

      Yusuf Michla, Lynnette Spalding, James P. Holland, David J. Deehan


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    • Fractures of the patella in children and adolescents

      Hagen Schmal, Peter C. Strohm, Philipp Niemeyer, Kilian Reising, Kerstin Kuminack, Norbert P. Südkamp


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    • Split tibialis posterior tendon transfer for correction of spastic equinovarus hindfoot deformity

      Maria Vlachou, Alex Beris, Dimitris Dimitriadis.


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    • The accessory soleus muscle as a cause of persistent equinus in clubfeet treated by the Ponseti method : A report of 16 cases

      Waleed E. Kishta, Emad H. Mansour, Mazen M. Ibrahim


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    • Adult Langerhans cell histiocytosis of bones : A rare cancer network study

      Banu Atalar, Robert C. Miller, Fazilet Oner Dincbas, Jan Henning Geismar,Oliver Micke, Serap Akyurek, Enis Ozyar


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    • Donor site morbidity after articular cartilage repair procedures : A review

      Giovanni A. Matricali, Greta Ph. E. Dereymaeker, Frank P. Luyten


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    • The influence of sagittal cervical profile, gender and age on the thoracic kyphosis

      Serkan Erkan, Hüseyin S. Yercan, Güvenir Okcu, R. Taçkın Özalp


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    • Improved pulmonary function after concave rib resection and posterior instrumentation for idiopathic scoliosis

      Ablaa Mohamed Saleh, Mohamed Adel El Masry, Robert M West, Eleftherios Tsiridis, Youssry Kamal El Hawary


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    • The impact of the Belgian workers’ compensation system on return to work after rotator cuff surgery

      Karolien Didden, Geert Leirs, Peter Aerts


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    • Meyer’s dysplasia : delayed ossification of the femoral head as a differential diagnosis in Perthes’ disease

      Nasir Muzaffar, Hae-Ryong Song, Kamlesh Devmurari, Hitesh Modi


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    • Early experience with the DePuy Proxima™ short stem in total hip arthroplasty

      Kálmán Tóth, László Mécs, Péter Kellermann


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  • technical note

    • Reverse sural flap cover within a ring fixator

      Palapattu R. J. V. C. Boopalan, Thilak S. Jepegnanam


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  • case report

    • Delayed union of the clavicle treated with plasma rich in growth factors

      Roberto Seijas, Romen Y. Santana-Suárez, Montserrat García-Balletbó, Xavier Cuscó, Oscar Ares, Ramón Cugat


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    • Metachronous multicentric giant cell tumour of the upper extremity in a skeletally immature girl : A rare presentation

      Mohammad Zahid, Naiyer Asif, Aamir Bin Sabir, Yasir Salam Siddiqui, Mohammad Julfiqar


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    • Dorsal resection of a thoracic hemivertebra in a 4-year-old boy with endochondral gigantism. A case report

      Kourosh Zarghooni, Rolf Sobottke, Heinrich Schmidt, Marc Röllinghoff, Jan Siewe, Peer Eysel


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    • Epidural abscess T5T8 due to methicillin-resistent staphylococcus aureus in an immunocompetent patient

      He Shaoqi, Lin Lixing, Tang Chengxuan, Yang Guojing


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